Do a good job in the steady development of the current work.

Recently, the group company has issued a special Notice (Su Qian [2018] 23) on the current work, requesting all regions and branch companies to effectively strengthen safety production management, strengthen project quality management, effectively prevent the occurrence of operational risks, make good preparations to promote real-name system, strengthen staff forensics training, and actively prevent financial and tax risks. Attaches great importance to the seven aspects of integrity building requirements. These requirements are clear, specific, practical, critical and instructive. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance to do a good job in these seven aspects and take a steady pace of development for the realization of the year-round goals and the consolidation of the foundation of development.
A good understanding of the current work is the premise. In the first half of this year, the group company maintained a stable overall development trend, and the business performance situation was very impressive. At present, the development of enterprises is facing some new problems and new challenges that need to be solved urgently. Therefore, to do a good job in the current and second half of the year, we need the concerted efforts of the whole company, grasp the main contradictions, uphold the tradition of "harmony with the team" and take targeted measures to solve them.
To grasp the core is the key to do well in the current work. The Notice emphasizes seven aspects of work, involving many contents, but the core is to effectively strengthen safety production management, strengthen engineering quality management, prevent risks. "Notice" requires all regions, branch companies in combination with the group's recent comprehensive inspection, do a good job to rectify and implement hidden dangers. Special inspections are required, and all project departments are required to carry out self-inspection of production safety; regional companies and branch companies are required to strengthen forward management, deepen the forefront of the project, and strengthen daily supervision.
To do well in the current work, you should do well in your work. As the old saying goes, sitting and talking is better than doing. As the main body of safety responsibility, each branch of the group should earnestly do a good job in safety production and project quality management during the construction process, firmly establish quality awareness, strengthen the responsibility system for safety production, and firmly promote daily supervision and inspection. The regional companies should strengthen the "front management" efforts, rightly and vigorously supervise and control the safety production and engineering quality of the branch and project department, strictly control the management, safety and quality, finance and taxation, effectively prevent and control all kinds of risks, reduce the occurrence of contradictions and disputes, and ensure the stable and healthy development of the group company.
The last leg of a journey marks the halfway point. Doing well in the current and second half of the year is a heavy task and a great responsibility. Only by adhering to the general tone of "steady and progressive" work, steadfastly, firmly grasping the implementation, concerted efforts, pioneering and enterprising, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of all parties, and taking a steady pace of development, can we draw a blueprint for the sustainable and high-quality and safe development of the Group. (Office)

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