Ace Teacher of Low Temperature Tank Construction in China

  Records of Kings of Caofeidian
Caofeidian in early November began to feel cold.
This is a classical and poetic city; it is a blessed land for Qian'an people to create miracles.
This new city around the Bohai Sea and Beijing and Tianjin, with a long coastline and a clear inner lake coastline, adjacent to the two major cities of Beijing and Tianjin, has become the pioneer start-up area of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Co-development Demonstration Zone, and the starting area of the strategy of "one port, two cities" in Hebei Province and Tangshan City. With the arrival of Shougang Group, Tangshan Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Huawei Big Data Center and other large enterprises and famous schools, Caofeidian Binhai Industrial Park is rising day by day, with high-rise buildings and initial charm.
At 11:00 p.m. on November 7, the Group News Bright Report Group joined Qidong local mainstream media into Caofeidian. Regardless of Anmar Lawton, it held an interview preparation meeting all night, set up a working Wechat Group, and worked together to study the interview plan. Tomorrow, Qian, Jiangsu Province, will carry out a major project of emergency peak shaving and guaranteeing of low temperature storage tank in Tangshan LNG receiving station.
In the early morning of November 8, six members of the interview team arrived at Caofeidian Binhai Industrial Park early in the cold weather. Xu Hao, deputy vice president of the group company responsible for the project construction, head of Limengdao Multicomponent Company and relevant personnel of the project were also accompanied.
Tangshan LNG receiving station emergency peak shaving support project is a major national livelihood project and strategic project. At present, China's energy gap is increasing. For this reason, the country is making every effort to promote the construction of LNG receiving terminal to make up for the demand for natural gas. The successful construction of Tangshan LNG receiving station project at an early date can effectively alleviate the shortage of air supply in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in winter, and improve the peak shaving ability and extreme weather response ability of the region.
The project is invested by PetroChina Jingtang Liquefied Natural Gas Co., Ltd. and Beijing Gas Group Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 2.77 billion yuan and a total area of 165 mu. Four 160,000 square LNG tanks and related supporting facilities will be built and put into operation in December 2020. The Group Limeng Multicomponent Company has built two of them.
According to the requirements, the interviewing team changed into safety clothing and entered the project site with great interest. But see, the atmosphere of on-site propaganda for tank lifting is very warm. Workers are busy preparing for tank lifting. Dozens of slogans are hanging on the cylinder to celebrate the lifting of the roof. Among them, "Caofeidian Head Re-exhibition, Construction of National Quality Project" and "All roads are brave and brave to take the lead to help protect green waters and green mountains" are particularly striking.
The lifting plan is scheduled for 8:30. The interviewing group decided to make use of the time difference and seize the opportunity to explore the truth in the tank before closing the scene, and make the preliminary interview first.
"The upcoming LNG cryogenic tank, labeled T-1206,160,000 cubic meters, 82 meters in diameter, 38.6 meters in wall height and 11.5 meters in roof height, can park an Airbus A380 aircraft in it..." "Wo Thi-", listening to the introduction of project construction manager Song Hongcheng, we can not help but exclaim!
Along the ladder tower, onto the tank construction platform, through a narrow temporary entrance and exit, we crawled into the LNG tank. But seeing the black inside of the huge pot, with the help of weak flashlight and mobile phone lighting, one can barely feel the approximation of it. Touching the thick top of the tank, Song Hongcheng said, this is the top of the tank. In a moment, we will use two high-power fans to blow it up.
"The top blowing is the most important construction node. This time, PetroChina Liujian will work with us again. They will lift the top of T-1208 tanks. Two months ago, we spent two hours, and they spent four hours."
"How much is the vault of this LNG cryogenic tank? How high is the jack-up? What if there is a blackout? In the face of our curious questions, Song Hongcheng explained them one by one. The weight of the vault is about 800 tons, which is raised to 50 meters. Specifically, the height of the vault is 49.93 meters in place. Two spare and one spare measures have been taken and three units have been prepared to ensure that the lifting is safe.
The exciting summit is about to begin! The General Commander of the project requires all the unrelated personnel to evacuate from the site, and the workers enter their posts according to the plan and wait for instructions. We had to go back to the site office and wait for the news.
Time passes quietly, minute by minute, exciting. Xu Hao, who was sitting in the town, had a great general's demeanor and seemed to have a ready mind. Between smoking and tea tasting, he said with a laugh: How long does it take to get to the top today? It's hard to predict. However, we Qian'an people have made great efforts for today's promotion.
"Up -" "Up -" "Up -" 10:43 a.m., suddenly from the scene to send good news.
It took only 1 hour and 35 minutes for Qian'an, Jiangsu Province, to reach the top, setting a new record in the industry. CNPC Liujian put another vault in place in 1 hour and 51 minutes, and together with Qian'an, Jiangsu, it created a new historical record of LNG cryogenic tank construction in China, which simultaneously lifted two vaults at the same site.
Cao Fei Cann showed a charming smile, the scene was full of joy, everyone was filled with happy smiles. Immediately, the builder held a witness meeting on the scene of the emergency peak shaving support project of Tangshan LNG receiving station. The leaders gave speeches and took photographs of the reporters. The employees joyfully stepped on the red carpet and took photos to commemorate it.
On that day, the media of China Atlantic, Shanghai Electric Power Construction, China Construction Bureau II, China Petroleum Construction Corporation Liujian and Qian'an Group, the Collaborative Chamber of Commerce, Qidong Daily and so on competed to report the news and publicize the birth of a new world record of cryogenic storage tanks.

The quality of craftsmen's products depends on the quality of craftsmen's products.
"Jiangsu Qi'an Bar!" Li Yaqiang, the on-site director of the Sixth Construction Project of CNPC, sincerely appreciated and admired the Enlightenment of the same competition.
Why can Jiangsu Qian have a place in the domestic tank market? What can many people depend on to be able to PK state-owned enterprises and central enterprises?
China Global Engineering Co., Ltd. is the EPC general contractor of emergency peak shaving support project of Tangshan LNG receiving station. The participating units include Shanghai Electric Power Construction, China Construction Bureau II and China Petroleum Construction Company Liujian. They are all well-known state-owned and central enterprises. As a local private enterprise, Jiangsu Qian'an is not easy to list among them.
Tang Tianhao, deputy general manager of Limengdao Group, who is responsible for the site construction, said that air jacking construction uses high-power blowers to raise the arch tank roof from positive and negative zero points to the predetermined height. This is the key procedure of LNG low temperature storage tank installation and construction. It has the characteristics of complex technology, high technical content, difficult operation and control. In the construction process, we strictly abide by the operation specifications, follow the technological process, and according to a directive, accurately control the air intake and jacking pressure of the fan, to ensure the stability and balance of the tank top when rising. The project department uses 24 wire ropes and 96 cantilevered beams to top the 640-ton dome structure from the ground with air pressure to a predetermined altitude, which is equivalent to completing a "great shift of heaven and earth".
In the project engineering department, we saw a stack of HSE joint checklists for guaranteeing gas lift of storage tanks. From personnel certification, access management, to track beam electric hoist power supply line integrity, electric guide wheel defect, to fan system debugging, the checklist involves all aspects of lifting work, it can be said that there are no details, the object of inspection includes six construction, EPC, supervision, PMC, owners. Qian'an, Jiangsu Province, has made full preparations for the creation of this industry record.
"Blow top has been successful, now it's up to you welders! Wait a minute. After you get to the top of the tank, you must follow the pre-arranged welding position, take your place, and concentrate on welding to ensure the quality! Fast food, let's bring it up! "
As soon as the blowing top was in place, the project site manager took the trumpet and mobilized more than ten hand-held welding barrels to assemble the waiting welding work before the war.
According to project manager Mu Zhanghua, LNG storage tank will bear ultra-low temperature of minus 165 degrees Celsius, which requires very high welding construction. When the jacking is in place, the tank body and the tank top should be welded immediately, and all welds should be tested by RT, so that there is no leakage. To this end, Qian'an has trained a group of elite generals.
Miao Zhanghua said that besides having a strong sense of responsibility, these welders are all skilled. They not only hold special work permits, but also accept the rigorous on-site assessment of PetroChina Liujian. Qian'an's employees are of high quality, and the one-time pass rate of on-site examination is high, with only 2 people taking the make-up examination. In order to ensure the quality of LNG storage tank construction, Qian'an prepared 24 welders, 24 riveters and 6 gas cutters, who had entered the scene three hours ahead of schedule.
Whether it is construction quality or site coordination, whether it is lifting speed or staff quality, Qian'an people's craftsman quality has been proved to be prominent and brilliant deduction in tank lifting.
Hood Carrier Enlightens the Nature of Safety
Only by virtue can we carry things, and only by inheritance can we retain our true qualities.
Anyone who knows the history of the development of Qian'an in Jiangsu knows that in the 1970s, the former oil tank installation team of Qian'an in Jiangsu began to fight all over the country and enjoy high reputation. From Dushanzi in Xinjiang, Changxing Island in Dalian, Dagang in Tianjin, Quanzhou in Fujian, Qinzhou in Guangxi, to Daya Bay in Guangdong, National Oil Reserve Base in Ningbo and Changjiang International Phase 1-5 Tank Construction in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, it is in Dalian. There are huge storage tanks built by Qian'an people everywhere in the north and south of the Yangtze River. They have won one after another Chinese Chemical Engineering Awards and Chinese Installation Stars.
Oil tank installation is a traditional specialty in Qian'an, Jiangsu Province. It has a profound historical accumulation and has fostered generations of installers. Today, Xu Xiangao, the founder of Limengdao Multicomponent Company, is the Secretary of Youan Team. Qian'an people's oil tank construction has a profound historical background and outstanding achievements.
Over the past 20 years, more than 5,000 large and small chemical or petroleum tanks have been completed by many people in Limeng, with a total capacity of 100 million cubic meters, of which more than 100 are single tanks with 100,000 cubic meters. Xu Hao frankly said: chemical storage or installation of oil storage tanks, Qian'an people's construction speed, high quality, in the domestic private enterprise tank construction field is the front row!
At the tank lifting site, we met Shiwangzhou, the old captain of Qian'an Youan Team. This Qian'an old man is a strong man in his fifties. He has a strong body and strong hands. He can climb stairs without losing the young man. He said with a laugh: Tangshan LNG 160,000 square storage tank construction is of great importance, and he voluntarily requested that waste heat be brought into play here to carry out "transfer band".
At present, the Group Limengdao Multicomponent Company is actively responding to the group's high-quality development requirements, speeding up the implementation of the strategy of "transformation and development, upgrading management, innovation and efficiency enhancement". It has a long-term vision, attracts talents and educates wisdom, takes advantage of the rare opportunities of participating in national LNG construction, further cultivates technical talents, and strives to grasp the frontier construction technology and technological innovation capability of LNG.

Refining into steel, learn from each other and innovate. Xu Hao said that the Tangshan LNG Caofeidian construction site, a gathering of experts and famous experts, has created a good opportunity for the company's technical personnel training. We have increased our talents in the field of competition, communication and mutual learning. Through Caofeidian exercise, Limengdao is expected to cultivate and forge two or three LNG project management teams and construction teams, which laid a solid foundation for Qian'an to further expand and strengthen its profession.
Qian'an, Jiangsu Province, is the "ace" of China's cryogenic tank construction. In this brave and skilled team, Limengdao Company is only one of the outstanding representatives. Fifteen Branches of the Group, Petrochemical Branch, Jinzhou Branch, Six Branches and Jinshi Branch are all excellent legions of this "ace" division. They have made historical contributions to the brand of Qian'an in Jiangsu.

Ace Teacher of Low Temperature Tank Construction in China

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