A Brief Review of Comprehensive Safety and Quality Inspection in the Second Half of the Year

  The comprehensive safety and quality inspection in the second half of 2018 was successfully completed on Dec. 10. A total of 21 projects were inspected, including 7 general contracting projects and 14 mechanical and electrical installations.
From the inspection results, the company's safety, civilized and green construction management level has been steadily improved, the safety management work is carried out smoothly and legally, and the safety production is stable and orderly. Everyone attaches importance to safety is gradually forming, people-oriented safety management concept has gradually penetrated into the hearts of the people, the importance of building product safety has formed a consensus; the concept of green environmental protection is gradually strengthened, the project environment has been significantly improved; the core competitiveness of the Group's top-quality projects has been continuously strengthened, and the super-large, overweight and super-difficult projects have been constantly broken through. The application of BIM technology has basically achieved popularization.
First, safety control has been strengthened, and many projects have bright spots.
Johnson & Johnson (Suzhou) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. project clean room and mechanical and electrical installation project, Chongqing Basf, Akzo Nobel Chemicals (Ningbo) project and a number of foreign-funded projects, strengthen safety control, strictly implement the operation ticket system; construction site real-name access control; staff safety education, safety experience, safety inspection are in place; through the daily toolbox meeting; Discussions, weekly safety meetings and monthly safety congresses constantly strengthen the safety awareness of employees and standardize their safety behavior; PPE is equipped with all kinds of specifications for wearing and using; construction machinery is put into use after acceptance and acceptance by foreign parties; strict pre-job training for high-altitude operation, a large number of high-altitude operation vehicles are invested and lifelines are crisscrossed, with emphasis everywhere; Caregivers are stationed for aerial work, lifting and firing operations; safety emergency drills are indeed carried out; safety data are well documented; the safety working hours of various projects are continuously extended, the safety foundation is unbreakable, and the construction tasks of the projects are urgently and orderly advanced.
The safety concept and management level of domestic-funded projects have also made considerable progress. Shantou offshore wind power intelligent manufacturing project, Qidong Culture and Sports Center project and other domestic-funded projects adopt a series of advanced foreign-funded safety management practices, such as climbing operation permit system, using anti-falling device, mobile scaffolding, pre-operation acceptance system of climbing operation vehicle, and acceptance system of machinery and equipment, during the climbing process over 5 meters. The site safety environment has been significantly improved and safety accidents have occurred. Significant reduction!
Awareness of major hazards control has been further strengthened and effective control of major hazards has been carried out. Chongqing Basf and Akzo Nobel projects are engaged in the inspection and maintenance of hazardous chemicals production equipment. The project department strictly operates in accordance with the relevant operating procedures of hazardous chemicals enterprises, regularly trains the operators weekly, properly improves the treatment of the operators, and ensures the stability of the operators. It is precisely the strict control of checkpoints that can ensure the safety of workers who deal with danger every day. From the spot check of large-scale machinery and equipment status, the daily maintenance and maintenance management of large-scale machinery and equipment such as tower crane and construction elevator has also improved greatly, and strengthening the management of large-scale construction equipment has achieved remarkable results!
The concept of green environmental protection is gradually strengthened, and the project environment has been greatly improved. Guangdong Shantou offshore wind power intelligent manufacturing, Lhasa convenient service center, Guangdong Jiangmen country garden project and a number of projects, green construction concept runs through the whole process of project construction, the water spray system on both sides of the road is integrated with dust prevention and maintenance, sprinkler sprinkles daily to control dust, LED headlights, turf green spaces, container complete toilets, standardization personnel. The construction concepts of green, humanistic and environmental protection are embodied everywhere in the work lounge, grounding power utilization, environmental protection monitoring signs and staff real-name system channels. The project's safe passageway is accessible in all directions; the outer frame is standardized, the blue aluminum alloy envelope is safe and beautiful, showing Qian'an's personality and "intrinsic safety" everywhere. All of these have attracted peer observation and learning, and Qian'an brand has been publicized.
Second, Lean Manufacturing showcases its elegance and professionally creates new records.
Johnson & Johnson (Suzhou) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. project cleanroom and mechanical and electrical installation project department in advance of the overall planning of the whole project, the preparation of a plan for excellence. The BIM design team deepens the design of the integrated pipe rack and the integrated layout of water, electricity, wind and process pipelines, and is entrusted by the owner to coordinate the overall integrated management of the BIM of the whole project. Improve the level of factory prefabrication in an all-round way: 30% pipeline prefabrication rate; 100% steel component prefabrication; 100% air duct prefabrication, and effective quality control of prefabricated parts: configuration warehouse management, construction technology, quality and other professional engineers on-site supervision and inspection; and receive random inspection by Party A/supervisory engineers to ensure prefabricated quality; strictly follow the requirements of management company, in accordance with the inspection of incoming materials. Check procedure, current procedure of construction sample, quality observation report and inspection test report procedure, fine construction. The quality control should be strictly controlled from five aspects: human, machine, material, method and loop, so as to realize the whole process control of PDCA. The quality of the project entity can be regarded as a safety quality project, laying a solid foundation for the next declaration of Yangtze Cup and installation star.

The Group's traditional projects such as tank installation and steel structure installation are working hard again. The emergency peak shaving support project of Tangshan LN G receiving station constructed by Limengdao Multicomponent Company of the Group has scientifically worked out the wind-blown roof scheme during the construction of spherical tank roof, carefully organized the construction and fully prepared the blowing work. The whole process took only 1 hour and 35 minutes to lift the second 160000 cubic meters storage tank-T-1206 successfully, creating the fastest record of the GAS-LIFTING time of the same capacity of domestic cryogenic tank. 。 As the key process of installation and construction of large LN G cryogenic storage tank, gas lift has the characteristics of complex technology, high technical content, difficult operation and control. Through strengthening the construction technology and technological innovation ability, Limengdao Multi-company in charge of construction has created a competent management team and construction team, realized the in-depth application of air lift technology, laid a solid foundation for the bigger and stronger LNG tank installation industry, and made Qian'an brand in the industry.
Hengli Branch of the Group has made another effort in the field of heavy steel structure after Putian offshore wind power project in Fujian Province. In Shantou Marine Wind Power Intelligent Manufacturing Project, they overcome many technical problems, such as one-time casting and moulding of Chongqing Steel structure according to the socket cup mouth foundation of 500-ton heavy-duty traveling crane, assembling of super-wide and super-long crane beams, large span, heavy weight of single component, difficulty in controlling the quality of steel column assembling on site, and so on. After advanced planning, scientific demonstration and meticulous organization of construction, only 200 days are needed. High-quality construction area of 31838 square meters of heavy steel structure factory buildings and supporting office facilities, creating China's speed, showing the strength of Kai'an. It has laid a solid foundation for winning the Golden Prize of China Steel Structure.
3. Safety education has been carried out steadily, and good results have been achieved in creating excellence and promoting consistency.
We organize safety education and promotional activities to create excellence in every region. With vivid examples, we should educate front-line managers on people-oriented safety concept, clarify their responsibilities, standardize their behavior and improve their quality. This will further enhance the safety awareness of project managers to respect life, and enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of the majority of front-line managers. Improve the safety management level of managers. During the interactive session, we discussed the difficulties of safety management, such as airtight space, thin floor construction management, inspection and maintenance of dangerous chemical installations, and agreed that safety should be ensured with sufficient investment and attention to implementation; detailed implementation should be done to improve the safety environment, establish a good safety restriction mechanism, and gradually form a correct safety atmosphere for the whole enterprise to achieve safety. The purpose of production. Creation of Excellence Xuanguan further strengthens the awareness of project managers to create quality projects, so that they know how to create, how to create. At the meeting, people were very concerned about the excellent practices of creating excellence and creating safety, and expressed that they should apply these good practices to their own projects. Face-to-face communication and interaction greatly stimulated Qian'an people's passion for excellence. (Zhang Yue)

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A Brief Review of Comprehensive Safety and Quality Inspection in the Second Half of the Year

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