Material Management in Intelligent Construction Sites

Building materials management, including planning, procurement, supply, acceptance and use of building materials management. Compared with the manufacturing industry, due to the characteristics of the construction industry, the controllability of material management is not very strong in the traditional site management mode, which often results in poor accuracy of material procurement, inability to be present in time and unqualified materials. With the development of information technology, the whole process management of site materials based on BIM, Internet of Things, big data and Internet is being promoted and applied in the construction industry. Intelligent material management mainly consists of Internet procurement and on-site material management.
I. Internet Procurement
Internet procurement is a kind of intelligent procurement. It is a purchasing mode for the Internet based on Internet thinking, using information technology such as cloud computing, big data, mobile communication and so on. Internet purchasing applies big data technology and establishes classified data information database. The basic database includes material database, supplier database, price database, etc. The business database includes transaction data, contract data, order data, etc. The accumulation and statistical analysis of these data will provide a very scientific basis for material procurement decision-making by utilizing the planning and calibration links.
II. On-site material management
Field equipment and materials are one of the important objects of construction management. Effective material management can reduce project cost, ensure project quality and progress. Combined with material statistics and site management, closed-loop management can be realized from planning, procurement and acquisition.
1. With the development of information technology, material management system based on BIM technology is being promoted and applied. According to the attributes of the model, such as specialty, floor, component type, etc., the information of material type and quantity can be quickly counted from the modeling software. If this kind of information is combined with site schedule, flow section division, subcontracting team management and design change, material information can be further integrated according to site construction needs, making material procurement plan, inventory site, capital arrangement, material quota management more scientific.
2. The on-site material management based on the Internet of Things can effectively standardize the various management links of materials, such as material out-of-factory, transportation, acceptance and storage, material out-of-warehouse, use location, etc. For example, using two-dimensional code or RFID technology, sticking or hanging electronic labels on construction materials to identify the attributes of materials, sweeping code tracking in the process of on-site acceptance, warehousing registration, material collection and discharging, etc., the information obtained by sweeping code can be directly entered into the database, which can update the warehouse database in real time to ensure accurate management of material warehouse entry and exit and inventory control, and prevent the unknown flow of materials. Loss of harmony, damage and traceless, solve the inconsistency between the data on the account and the physical situation, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the management of warehousing, warehousing, inventory and so on.
Material management is also a life cycle management in essence. We should make full use of BIM, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and other cutting-edge technologies to standardize the whole process of enterprise material management. Material management system should run through multi-level and multi-organizational management from group to project vertically. Horizontal management should be achieved through planning, procurement, receiving and receiving materials, settlement and payment and other business departments, so as to achieve standardized, refined and intensive management. (Wu Donghui)

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