Xi Jinping, the three largest Internet essentials, you get to play?

  Xi Jinping, the three largest Internet essentials, you get to play?
On the morning of 16, in the second world internet conference opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech, a comprehensive exposition of the basic position of Chinese development and Cyberspace Security, showing the China of forward-looking thinking about the future development of human space network.
With the development of multi polarization, economic globalization, cultural diversity and social informatization, the Internet has played an increasingly important role in promoting the progress of human civilization. At the same time, the unbalanced development of the Internet, imperfect rules and irrational order have become increasingly prominent. Facing the common problem of Internet development in the world, standing on the strategic height of human future and destiny, Xi Jinping's speech has become China's plan to build a community of network space destiny.
Core essence: one target, two big pivots
One objective: the international community should strengthen dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust, and promote the reform of the global governance system of the internet.
Two major points: to build a peaceful, safe, open and cooperative network space, and to establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent global Internet governance system.
Associate professor of law China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Zhi Zhenfeng: the core of Xi Jinping's speech at the World Conference on the Internet is the Internet governance Chinese scheme, the emphasis is to promote the construction of international Internet governance system. "The Internet to promote the global governance system reform" is the goal, "together to build peace, security, openness and cooperation in cyberspace, the establishment of a multilateral, democratic and transparent global Internet governance system" is the two fulcrum to achieve the goal.
International Politics Department of Fudan University associate professor Shen Yi: Xi Jinping expounds China views on the new order of global governance of cyberspace, outlines the "Chinese network concept" blueprint, emphasizes the development as the core, emphasizing the sharing of cooperation, rather than a monopoly. This basic point of view emphasizes the respect for sovereignty, and also becomes the differentiation point between the old and new cyberspace.
Professor, School of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, Shenyang: China proposes a global initiative in the field of Internet, reflecting the ability of China's economic and social development and its willingness to participate in the governance of the internet. The number of Internet users in China has reached 670 million, the largest in the world. The Internet has greatly expanded China's strategic space. We make our own proposals and contribute to the development of a global governance system.
Core essentials: to promote changes in the global Internet governance system, must adhere to the four principles
Four principles should be adhered to in promoting the reform of the global Internet governance system:
Respect for network sovereignty
- safeguarding peace and security
- promoting open cooperation
- building good order
Shen Yi: the four principles put forward by Xi Jinping are China's principle of building a new order of global cyberspace governance. Placing network sovereignty at the first place is consistent with China's consistent assertion of hegemony, non-interference in internal affairs and the fundamental principles of international law.
Support yoke: respect for the sovereignty of the network is the most important principle, is an important concept China contribution to the international Internet governance system, embodies the China as the representative of the developing countries in the development of international Internet governance uphold respect for national sovereignty on the basis of the wishes of the network. The four principles, like the five principles of peaceful coexistence, will become the basic criterion for promoting fairness and justice. This will be China's contribution to the ideological and institutional contributions to the whole of mankind.
Core essentials: common construction of network space fate community, five point
- speeding up the construction of global network infrastructure and promoting interoperability
- to build an online cultural exchange and sharing platform to promote exchanges and mutual learning
- promoting innovation and development of network economy and promoting common prosperity
- ensuring network security and promoting orderly development
- constructing internet governance system to promote equity and justice
Shen Yi: about five propositions to build cyberspace community of destiny, is the overall strategic thinking China space of network governance and network security, is bound to promote the benign changes in the global cyberspace governance structure have a profound impact.
Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of China Information Security Research Institute, said: "safeguarding network security is the common responsibility of the international community", which is an important judgment made in Xi Jinping's speech. In recent years, increasing network space conflicts, contradictions, vicious competition in the network increasingly, cyberspace community of destiny put forward at the right time, not only conforms to the historical trend, but also reflects the common aspiration of people all over the world. The so-called community, both to benefit sharing, but also to share responsibility.
Zhi Li: five point of view, embodies China's morality and commitment. Especially in the construction and development of network infrastructure, which is the developing country and the largest local information gap between the developed countries, the overwhelming advantage of international monopoly network governance in some developed countries in infrastructure and technology, and China advocates full cooperation with developing countries, reflects our play as a developing country.

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