CPC Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd. Committee 2017 party building work opinions

  CPC Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd. Committee 2017 party building work opinions
All Party organizations at the grass-roots level:
2017 is the nineteen big held year is an important year for the full implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan, the implementation of provincial Party spirit, but also to consolidate the expansion of Party achievements, promote the comprehensive large strictly an important year to develop in depth. Company of group of the party construction work of the general requirements are: to implement the spirit of the party's eighteen and eighteen sessions of the previous plenary session a comprehensive, in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, according to "13th Five-Year" planning group and the two session of the six general meeting of shareholders of the target, in-depth study and education, enhance the party spirit consciousness and discipline consciousness; strengthen the construction of grass-roots party branches, deepen the party demonstration behavior, strictly to the overall project, on the site; strictly abide by the party's political discipline and political rules, regulate the operation, no violation of Party and national policies, provide a strong political guarantee for the successful implementation of the annual work objectives and tasks.
I. strengthening ideological construction and providing spiritual strength for the realization of "Kai an dream"
1, adhere to the study, strengthen the theory of armed
In order to create a learning enterprise, we should strengthen the study of political theory and enrich the knowledge of professional skills. The party committees and members of the team to take the lead in learning, establish a good demonstration effect and eager to learn, good at learning, timely understand the policies of the party and government, the new industry, grasp the new direction of development, familiar with the new construction technology; organize employee reading activities, stimulate their enthusiasm for reading, cultivate employees "lifelong learning" learning concept. Improve the overall quality of staff; often invite all kinds of professional training institutions for education and training activities, and organize staff to go out the exchange of learning, and constantly open up horizons, to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
2, deepen the "two learning and one doing" to improve ideological quality
Carry out the "learning Constitution Party rules, learning series speech, do a qualified party" and "two a" study and education activities, efforts to solve the existing problems in ideology, organization, style, discipline and other aspects of Party education, guide the majority of Party members respect the constitution, abide by the rules and regulations, consistent with the height of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. In the ideological and political action, with the party's theoretical innovation of armed mind, do a "politics, beliefs about the rules, discipline, morality, character, dedication, as a qualified party". Conscientiously implement the spirit of the two session of the six shareholders' meeting, formulate the company's "two learning and one doing" learning and education program. The use of "71 party", "918 incident", the anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War and other opportunities, informal organization staff to carry out the "two a", visited the red education base, "two a" melt into their daily business activities of enterprises, and constantly improve their ideological and political quality.
3, strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs
Ideals and convictions give a clear direction of life and boundless strength, inspire people's morale, and even inspire people to devote themselves to it. As an initiate, we should take "Kai an dream" as our ideal and belief, and take it as our spiritual pursuit and source of strength, and go through the production and life. Adhere to the ideals and beliefs to further stimulate the company's creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity, play an exemplary role of Party members and cadres in important positions, safety and quality, cultivate the artisan spirit, abide by the occupation morals, extreme is responsible to the work, to strive for excellence, and lead the staff to the firm belief in the face of difficulties go ahead; in front of the interests, to adhere to the good faith of self realization, the courage to play "the grand goal of an historical mission and dream".
Two, we should adhere to the norms and standards and strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations' carriers
1, adhere to the political life within the party
Whether a grass-roots party organization has combat effectiveness, cohesion and appeal is closely related to the normal political life in the party. Strict party political life, we must strictly enforce the "three class", earnestly implement the Democratic Party cadres life, Democratic Party and democratic centralism system, rich in content, to broaden the field of activity, innovation activities, improve the activity mechanism of efforts to improve the political nature, principles and fighting spirit party life, leading Party members in the project construction, enterprise development and maintain stability in the forefront, as a pioneer, for example. At the same time, to strict political discipline and political discipline, and guide members in a variety of corruption and unhealthy tendencies, the face of unexpected events, dare to stand and fight in the great task of clear-cut, and difficult to test in front of a red, can withstand, and consciously safeguard the party organization's image and prestige.
2, optimize the basic organizational settings
Optimization of grass-roots organizations, is to follow the setting according to the requirement, according to the position of accountability, people act, chapter director "," take a number of new and upgraded a number, a number of adjustment ", to further improve the system of grassroots organizations, Party organizations to achieve full coverage. For the differences of Party organizations and Party members in different fields, we must break the regional limitations, form Party branches, better play the central role of grass-roots party organizations, and activate the "nerve endings" of Party organizations". We should adhere to the principle of "who manages and who educates", and prevent the problem of "rebuilding the light management", so that every Party member will be brought into the party organization and every party organization will play a role.
3, efforts to change the weak situation
The weakness of Party organizations at the grass-roots level has seriously affected them

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