Focus on the "CPC Central Committee on strengthening and improving the party's mass work opinions" four aspect

  Focus on the "CPC Central Committee on strengthening and improving the party's mass work opinions" four aspect
In July 9th, the Xinhua news agency authorized to broadcast the "CPC Central Committee on strengthening and improving the party's mass work.". The views expounded the importance of strengthening and improving the party's mass work under the new situation and the urgency of scientific generalization of the development path of socialist mass Chinese characteristics, improving the party organization of the political leadership, thought leadership, organization and leadership to strengthen and promote the role of the mass organization, mass organization reform and innovation put forward clear requirements and a series of policy initiatives.
Clear direction, face the problem, and safeguard the specified path, to guide and promote the party's mass work and constantly create a new situation of the guidance of rich connotation, prominent aspect.
The road and direction clear China socialism cluster development
The six aspect: [a] "to" strengthen the opinions clear requirements Chinese unswervingly take the socialist road of development group, adhere to the unified leadership of the party for the mass work; to play the role of bridge and link; stick around the central task; adhere to the service of the masses work lifeline; keep pace with the times, reform and innovation; adhere to the law in accordance with the the articles of association of independent work. Strengthening the work of the organization and leadership of the party group.
[interpretation] in just the end of the Central Party's mass work meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the political organization is the soul, is the first one. Mass organizations should always put itself under the leadership of the party.
Party organizations should be encouraged and give full play to the role of guiding social organizations, mass organizations should actively, as daring as." Chairman, Party Secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Women's Federation said mass organizations must put in, in the ideological and political action is always highly consistent with the Central Committee, and consciously safeguard the authority of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely implement the party's will and advocated strict political discipline and political rules, take various trials and tribulations, undertake to guide people to listen to the party, with the party. Take the political task, in order to contact their masses most closely unite around the party.
Facing the problems of the party in the new era of mass work
[] aspect: the outstanding problems facing views that some localities and departments of Party organizations do not pay enough attention to the mass work, the lack of in-depth study of the characteristics and rules of mass work, to play the role of mass organizations is lack of effective guidance and support. Mass organization grassroots foundation is weak, lack of effective coverage, attraction and cohesion is not prominent, especially in the urgent need to strengthen the non-public economic organizations, social organizations and various emerging groups influence; some mass organizations work and activities of single, enterprising consciousness and the spirit of innovation is not strong, the presence of authorities, from the masses; group cadre ability to further improve the quality and style of work needs to be improved.
[interpretation] to constantly create a new situation of the mass work of the party, we must improve the level, and effectively solve the problem. In these problems, the problem of organizational leadership has its own way of working, but the core of it is the problem of being divorced from the masses.
Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Shanghai Xu Weiwan said, general secretary Xi Jinping reminds us to focus on solving the problem of the masses. From the masses, mass work has become a source of water, without trees. The organization should strengthen the courage of self innovation, to consolidate and expand the party's mass line of educational practice, to carry out the three strict three special education opportunity, further promote the ideological education, problem rectification, system innovation, change ideas, strengthen public awareness, improve their work style, improve the level of work.
Put forward specific requirements for strengthening and improving the party's mass work in the new period
[read: three "to promote the" three "to"] views clearly pointed out that to promote the organization to mobilize the masses to unite around the central task of making contributions to promote mass organizations to guide people to consciously cultivate and practice the socialist core values, promote innovation and enhance the vitality of the mass organization; strengthen the support mass organizations to serve the people and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses work support, mass organizations play a role in socialist democracy, support mass organizations involved in the innovation of social governance and social stability.
[interpretation] into a clear path. Facing the new situation and new tasks, mass organizations to deepen reform and opening up, promote scientific development and social harmony as the main battlefield role; to make use of urban and rural areas throughout the organization network and grass-roots positions, the education of socialist core values and meticulous service to the field; the masses Dinglao masses anxious, necessary party protocooperation, can.
Mass organizations must keep pace with the times, self innovation. "Mass organizations to have the courage to innovate through creative work, enhance the vitality of development, has won the trust of the masses. Only in this way can we always walk in the forefront of the times and always have a strong vitality." Zheng Rongsheng, President of the Hangzhou Federation of trade unions, said.
In order to maintain and enhance the masses provide political, advanced, and effectively protect the cluster work
[aspect: funding, the rule of law, "three security personnel"] views that improve the system to ensure cluster work funds; encourage NGOs in national laws and regulations within the scope permitted to raise development funds through various ways to enjoy the support policy; promote the mass organization work relates to legislation. Focus on enterprises, rural areas, urban and rural cooperatives

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