The influence of the aging of construction workers on the safety of production

With the increasing aging population in China, the problem of aging has become the focus of the society and deeply affects all aspects of society. In the construction industry, the impact of aging is particularly obvious.
In the first half of the first half of the comprehensive inspection found, after 60 is still the main force, 70 after the technical backbone, after 80, the post-90s are rare, some sites even still have more than 60 year old workers. The biggest problem caused by the aging of construction workers is the problem of safety. From the statistics of workers who have been injured in the last three years, the majority of the injured people over 50 years old.
Most of these aging workers are transferred from the farmers, the cultural level is not high, the security technology points put forward by the company can not be understood, and the safety awareness is also weak. Therefore, there are a lot of unsafe behaviors in the work, coupled with their own diseases, there are many security risks, which become the difficulties of safety supervision.
In recent years, the company has clearly stipulated that the front-line workers should not exceed 55 years old, and should not employ workers aged 60 or above, but the actual employment situation is not optimistic. The fundamental reason is that the environment is bad, the work is hard, the wage advantage is not obvious, and the society can not be recognized.
The rapid development of the construction industry is restricted by the decrease of employees and the acceleration of the aging of workers. So how can the construction industry break through this bottleneck?
At present, the modular construction, such as assembly building, factory prefabrication and steel structure, has been actively advocated by the government, which has a unique advantage to solve the aging of construction workers, and to a certain extent, reduce the source of danger. (Zhang Yue)

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