Jizhan Deputy Center Wonderful Kai'an

Jizhan Deputy Center Wonderful Kai'an

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In the afternoon of June 13, 2018, an unexpected heavy rain washed the sky of Beijing into azure blue, and the building of the administrative office area of ​​the Beijing City Sub-center in the sunset was particularly magnificent.

Staring at the building behind him, Lu Zhenghui, vice president of Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Corporation, was filled with emotion: being able to participate in the millennium plan and national engineering construction in the capital Beijing is glorious to others. Only we know it best, and the road of glory is full of thorns !

In the early summer, the Group News Highlight Reporting Group made a special trip to Canal East Street, Lucheng Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing to interview the Beijing City Sub-center Project, which was built by the Group ’s nine branch companies.

This is a national key project concerned by the general secretary

"General Secretary's cordial condolences, affectionate advice, and long-term encouragement have encouraged us to fight on the front line. The Qi'an people are encouraged!" After more than a year, I recalled General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection scene again and was responsible for the administrative office area of ​​the city's deputy center. Lu Zhenghui, who is in charge of building construction, is still very excited.

The construction of the Beijing Urban Sub-Centre is a national strategy proposed to adjust the spatial pattern of Beijing. The planned area is 155 square kilometers, and the goal is to create a world-class demonstration area for a harmonious and livable capital, a new urbanization demonstration area, and a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area coordinated development demonstration area. .

The construction of the Beijing Deputy Center touched the general secretary's heart. On the morning of February 24, 2017, Xi Jinping made a special trip to the construction site to check the planning sand table and watch the video clip to understand the new progress of the construction. Xi Jinping called for adhering to a high starting point and implementing the requirements of world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and positioning of high points. The general secretary emphasized that the construction of the city's sub-center should not only do a good job in overall planning, but also strengthen the design of the main functional blocks, main landscapes, and main buildings, embody the spirit of the city, display the characteristics of the city, and enhance the charm of the city. Afterwards, the general secretary went deep into the construction site and chatted cordially with the builders, instructing them to do all kinds of safety hazard prevention to ensure safe construction and safety first.

For Cai Jie and Zhang Xiaocheng, young workers of Qi'an, November 4, 2016 also made them unforgettable for life.

That afternoon, Cai Qi, who had just succeeded Guo Jinlong and assumed the role of acting mayor of Beijing, rushed to the Beijing City Deputy Center under construction for investigation. At the construction site, Cai Qi listened to the work report of the comrades in the headquarters and checked and understood the overall progress and construction of the project. Then, Cai Qi went to welcome his Qi'an construction and construction personnel, held tightly the hands of Cai Jie and Zhang Xiaocheng, and greeted the builders from Qi'an, Jiangsu.

The general secretary's Yin Yin entrusted the Qi'an who participated in the construction to be deeply encouraged and felt more responsible.

Nowadays, this world-famous Beijing urban sub-center has begun to take shape with the efforts of the builders of Kai'an, Jiangsu.

This is a high-quality project using the "Luban Award" standard architecture

The A2 project in the administrative office area of ​​the Beijing City Sub-center widely uses the most advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, standards, materials and processes in the world, promotes green buildings in an all-round way, uses a lot of renewable energy such as geothermal energy and solar energy, and prefabricated building technologies to create superior goals It is designated as the highest award for national architecture-"Luban Award". This puts forward higher construction requirements for the participating Qi'an people.

The project has 10 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, with a total construction area of ​​300,000 square meters. The Group ’s nine branch is specifically responsible for the construction area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters in the West District 2 # building, 3 # building and its basement. The complete set of conventional water and electricity HVAC (including the pre-embedded and bridge installation of the weak current system), the actual construction period of the installation stage is only one year in 2017.

As the saying goes, "No gold and steel diamonds do not enclose porcelain." Facing the A2 project with large scale, tight time, heavy tasks, high difficulty, and high standards, Qi'an builders who are good at construction and installation also felt unprecedented pressure.

"We have a total of more than 50,000 meters of wire channels in the construction area, and the total number of bare wires has reached 1.3 million meters, which exceeds the distance from Beijing to Qidong. In addition, we also installed 9600 sets of lamps and laid 50,000. Multi-meter cable ... " In the basement of Building 3 #, Shen Jianhua, the project's electrical chief, pointed to the dense electrical and mechanical pipelines on the ceiling to us like treasures. Since entering the installation phase in April 2017, it took more than half a year for Qi'an to install the project's "most difficult to eat" strong and weak electricity, pipelines and equipment.

In the No. 2 substation and distribution room, the low-voltage cabinets are neatly arranged and the warning slogans are eye-catching. Some equipment has been activated and running normally. "What you have seen is done by us in just 2 months!" Wang Haifeng, an electrical supervisor who has worked at Jiu Branch for nearly 20 years, proudly said that in order to complete the laying of low-voltage cables and the shortest time For the installation of more than 20 low-voltage cabinets, we have adopted a three-shift work system by adding manpower, abandoning holidays, and advancing 24 hours overtime.

At the 10KV opening and closing station on the basement floor, a watched drone caught everyone's attention. "This on-duty robot has a panoramic camera, which can realize 360-degree, 24-hour uninterrupted inspection and monitoring of the power cabinet along the upper track, which greatly saves the cost of monitoring."

Ji Guojun, the project manager of the Qi’an site, told us that this drone is just the “tip of the iceberg” of the entire high-tech A2 project. In addition, the high-pressure mist of the air-conditioning room, electrical intelligent lightning protection system, 24V low-voltage emergency lighting system and intelligent lighting EIB system He is rarely seen in other projects in the past 12 years.

The "high-tech" applied in the A2 project did not deter the Qi'an people who "advocate innovation". With the technical support of the engineering department of the group company, the Qi'an people interpreted the "artisan spirit" with perseverance and exquisiteness. Completed the installation of high-tech equipment and systems.

Ji Guojun proudly declared that the Qi'an people carefully organized the construction in strict accordance with the quality standard of the "Luban Award", and the construction quality was worthy of the title of "Eight consecutive crowns" in the installation category of the top 100 construction enterprises in Jiangsu.

This is the project department that highlights the spirit of Qi'an Iron Army

The warfare shows the true nature of the iron army, and the same stage can distinguish between the "donkey" and the "horse".

According to the overall deployment of the construction, the A2 project is divided into three areas: east, middle and west. Among them, the eastern and central districts are implemented by the first and second project departments of Beijing Equipment Installation Engineering Company, respectively, and the western district is the third project department, which is responsible for the Group's nine branch companies. In this construction battle without smoke, the builders of Jiangsu Qi'an did not live up to the high expectations of the executives of the group company and did not disgrace the honor of the Jiangsu Construction Iron Army. Regardless of time, speed, quality, and management, they are always skilled and fast. One shot, one step ahead, outstanding performance, with actual results won the recognition of the owner, the general contract affirmation.

"The first piece of the first piece" is an important means of quality control of the Beijing general construction engineering. The so-called "first piece and first piece" means that before a certain process, the model guide method is adopted as a demonstration of the minimum standard of project quality, so that the front-line construction personnel have a full understanding and understanding of the method and quality standard.

Who can take the responsibility of the three project departments, Beijing Construction Engineering did not hesitate to choose Jiangsu Qi'an.

The military order is like a mountain, and trust is heaven! After receiving the order, the third project department composed of the group's nine branches was first planned by Lu Zhenghui. First, the elite soldiers were selected, and the battle plan was scientifically formulated. The project department is to refine the plan and do enough homework. Arrange the strongest team to be responsible for the construction of the "first piece and first piece", and adopt a reward and punishment system to stimulate the team's energy. In the specific construction process, the "four major gates" are strictly controlled for personnel, materials, progress, and inspections, as far as pipes and equipment, as small as pipe fittings and expansion bolts, all are reported to the inspection and acceptance; one step is not implemented Technical clarification, meticulous control of common quality problems, one trick to prevent self-inspection, mutual inspection, and random inspection ... The "first piece and first piece" of the third project department is perfect every time, and it can always pass multiple departments at once. Inspection, all aspects of the construction team is scrambling to come to observe and teach. The general contractor added extra work content to the third project department of Qi'an, and entrusted the off-duty "task". Lu Zhenghui laughed, this mainly depends on the general contractor's trust in the Qi'an Iron Army!

This is a hard-working construction team

The success of a project is inseparable from a strong team. In the construction of the Beijing city sub-center, the spirit of Jiangsu Qi’an “He Yu Team” was fully demonstrated.

The west area of ​​the A2 project of the city ’s sub-center administrative office area is only 100,000 square meters, but the nine branch company is fully equipped with a most sophisticated management team. Because Lu Zhenghui clearly knows that the great political impact of the project, the high architectural requirements, and the completion of the construction tasks on schedule are not only related to the brand and reputation of Jiangsu Qi'an in Beijing, but also related to the survival and development of the nine companies in Beijing.

Lu Zhenghui, according to the selection criteria of "dare to fight a hard battle, be able to win a battle, and be brave in acting", plan and plan carefully, and carefully dispatch troops. Ji Guojun, who has participated in major projects such as Tianjin Airbus A320, Beijing GE General R & D Center, and Tianjin Yunbin Building (super high-rise), is in charge of the project manager, and senior pipeline project manager Lu Hui and electrical project manager Wang Haifeng are deputy assistants. 16 professional foremen with more than 15 years of work experience were selected as the main force to jointly "escort" the project.

This year's 36-year-old Ji Guojun is a post-80s. After graduating from university in 2006, he joined Qi'an Nine Branch. After 12 years of hard work, he has grown into a double-level construction engineer in electromechanical and construction. After entering the project site of the deputy center, Ji Guojun went from doing the safety education and training of worker admission to carrying out the management of the real-name labor system; from the first piece of the first section, model guide, to the preparation of the construction schedule plan to ensure the progress of the project; from the written letter to the work letter, to Organize project reporting and settlement to ensure that funds are returned in a timely manner after costs and expenditures ...

In the second half of 2017, the project entered the "hot" period. Recalling those days of ecstasy, Ji Guojun shook his head and said with emotion: "This time makes me unforgettable for life!" During this half-year period, Ji Guojun was busy every day until 1 or 2 a.m. Can't get up and get up immediately and rush to the construction site. Even if you lie down and rest, you can't sleep well in just a few hours. Your brain is full of lingering site scenes, meeting content, general contract instructions, and project progress ...

In September 2017, the Beijing City Sub-center A2 project held a 90-day decisive battle mobilization meeting and military signing ceremony. The project has reached the grim moment of the final battle!

As soon as the solemn and solemn ceremony ended, Lu Zhenghui, who was deeply responsible, immediately rushed to the project department and immediately organized all the staff to hold an oath meeting. Sign the responsibility statement with the management personnel and the labor team one by one, strictly order the construction tasks to be completed with quality and quantity. This scene is full of the heroic ambitions of "bringing blood for an appointment" and "breaking a boat."

Ji Guojun claimed that the peak site staff reached 750, and the project output value was mainly realized at this stage. In the hottest days of construction, even President Lu came to help, check the construction site, organize internal meetings, direct the team's construction deadline, grab the progress, stare at the quality, and grasp the nodes! We went out together and did not return to the living area until midnight ...

Finally, in the inspection and evaluation of dozens of participating units in the A2 project, regardless of the progress of the construction period or the quality of the project, Jiangsu Qi’an ranks among the best!

Poverty should be determined, and the spirit must be refined. Ji Guojun said that the months of this project's fierce job-hunting stage made me throw off 8 pounds of meat in exchange for insight, knowledge and talent. With the experience of the construction of the sub-center project, I believe that even the biggest difficulties in the future will not fail our Jiangsu Qi'an team!

This is a branch with kindness and wisdom

Jiandan Qinxin, Gao Yi Bo Yun; Qi'an feelings, Zheng Hui Renxin.

52-year-old Lu Zhenghui, once the chief engineer of the group company, is elegant and humble, full of book spirit. In 1997, just after he was established, he became the "head of the branch".

In the more than 20 years of leading the development of the nine companies, he has never forgotten the traditional gene of corporate "benevolence". In the difficult days of commanding the construction of the Beijing city sub-center, it was his benevolent and compassionate management heart that injected hardship and confidence into the winning project.

Because of the harsh construction site and living environment conditions, coupled with the high labor intensity and long time, many labor personnel in the project department on the site are seriously lost, which has a negative impact on the progress of the project. However, the project department of the nine branch company has become a dazzling "wonderful flower" in the A2 project: the construction team is stable and full of emotions, and there is no complaint or regret for temporarily changing the construction plan. The team was envious and puzzled. They asked one after another: What spells did you use to make your team so faithful and hard-working ?! Lu Zhenghui squinted: They are willing to follow me!

"Willing to follow me!" The language is simple and the meaning is profound. We interpreted Lu Zhenghui's smile emoji on worker Hao Pingzeng.

Hao Pingzeng, from Handan, Hebei Province, is 30 years old and graduated from school at 19 years old. He met Lu Zhenghui by chance. It is now 11 years. Hao Pingzeng smiled and showed two little tiger teeth to tell us that in 11 years, Jiangsu Qi'an has never owed his brothers a penny of wages. At the end of each year, everyone is happy to go home, and they are very at ease, do n’t need to worry about the money at all! In the past few years, they have worked with President Lu and saved a little money. The family built a three-story small house and bought a car every time. Going back home has a special sense of pride in "returning home from the brocade and returning to your hometown". After more than ten years of contact and comparison, I have a strong sense of belonging to Qi'an. President Lu treats me sincerely like this, how can I have a reason to work hard ?!

Every year on Lunar New Year's Eve, Lu Zhenghui personally or entrusted the deputy managers Ding Yi and Chen Hui to come to Tangfang Village, Haifu Town, Qidong, on behalf of the nine branch company to send the Spring Festival blessing to the old employee Zhang Xin who was injured in bed A heart-warming operation has been going on for 20 years.

Zhang Xin was paralyzed and paralyzed due to work in the Lugu Heating Plant project in 1994. When he was injured, Lu Zhenghui did not take over the nine branch company, and later he carried out personnel restructuring. It stands to reason that Zhang Xin and today's nine branch company have no relationship, but Lu Zhenghui But he can't let go of this disabled old worker. Lu Zhenghui said emotionally: Compare the heart to the heart, the human heart is longer, he was hurt for the company's construction project, I can't abandon him because of the change of the system, and I can't chill the staff's heart.

Because of Lu Zhenghui's noble quality of treating people with integrity, doing things with integrity, doing what he says, and never giving up, there is always a large group of precious network resources who are willing to follow him from the bottom of his heart.

30 kilometers east from Tiananmen Square, a city of the future built with "world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and high point positioning" has risen quietly on the banks of the Universiade.

Now, the construction of the Beijing Municipal Sub-center Administrative Office District project is coming to an end. Lu Zhenghui's vision is fixed in another "millennium plan, national event" more than 100 kilometers away-Hebei Xiong'an New District.

Jiangsu, Jiangsu, an architectural iron army active in Beijing for more than 30 years, has participated in the construction of landmark buildings such as the National Grand Theater, Diaoyutai State Guest House, Tongzhou Cultural Center, and is now well-known in Beijing and well-known in the industry ...

Group Beijing Regional Manager Lu Weihong frankly said: Jiangsu Qi'an's efforts in the construction of urban sub-centers have won unanimous affirmation from inside and outside the industry.

I believe that the construction of "Xiongan New District" will certainly have a place for us to show our skills in Qi'an, Jiangsu!

Beijing's sunset has drawn Lu Zhenghui's figure very long and beautiful. We can't help but expect Baiyangdian, a "new land" with thousands of years of history, to open the curtain of the "Qi'an Story" as soon as possible!



Lu Zhenghui, the head of the nine branch, was interviewed



Project manager Ji Guojun was interviewed



Beijing City Sub-center Administrative Office District Project


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