Preliminary experience of learning Hubei's installation of information platform

Last year, I was sent by the company to participate in a week of information technology training in Hubei Construction Industry Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. This study has benefited a lot, not only in the information technology on a new understanding, but also on how to use information technology in enterprise management has a deeper understanding. Here, I briefly talk about my initial learning experience.
Experience: talent support is the key to enterprise informatization construction.
Lack of talent. Construction enterprise informationization is a field that has developed rapidly in recent decades, and the speed of research, development and application is faster and faster, the corresponding shortage of professional and technical personnel is becoming more and more obvious, the lack of information technology professionals in the construction industry is more prominent, both understand informationization and familiar with the situation of the construction industry. Even talents are scarce. If we want to speed up the construction of enterprise information, from top management leadership to network maintenance staff, how to establish an information team is the key to the development of enterprise information management.
On the contrary, Hubei installation, after years of development, they have established a complete team, from research and development to testing, and finally the actual installation, there are mature teams in advance, not to mention the group leader personally grasp.
Experience two: the essence of information management is enterprise management.
How can a group change between two completely different platforms, old and new, I think only depend on the perfect system of the enterprise to regulate the approval of the process (to keep the free process in the cage of the system).
Speaking of the construction enterprise information management, the essence is still enterprise management, how to improve management, such as process planning and approval, statistical data declaration, company data query and other aspects of optimization management. Informatization is not a simple deployment of software, but an important part of enterprise management, should optimize the group company management process, and then combined with information technology to improve management efficiency, which should be the primary goal for the company. Enterprise information management is not only a technical problem, but also the overall management of enterprise development planning, business processes, organizational structure, management system and other issues. In addition to technical factors, the success of enterprise information construction depends on whether advanced management concepts can be well combined with the actual situation of the enterprise. If the supporting software can not match the management system and process needs of the enterprise, the entire information system can not play a full role, and ultimately. The expected effect is not achieved. Enterprises use information technology to transform the management process, but also with advanced management methods and means to transform the existing office process, the success of the management process is directly related to the effectiveness of information construction and even success or failure.
Experience three: information construction can be promoted around the project.
All along, we all believe that the construction enterprise information construction can be divided into three major parts, namely OA office automation, project management, financial management. In fact, these three systems are interrelated, can not be separated from the construction, this is a complete system. For example, our C6 platform currently only uses OA system, but in the process of the market development department, project bidding registration, bidding documents application, contract review and other processes, is entirely the category of project management. Similarly, the finance department's application for funds is also a category of financial management. Construction enterprises, projects are fundamental, so information technology can be built around the project to promote.
1. Project prophase
Bid Registration (Project Establishment) - Bid Document Application (Bid Preparation) - Contract Review - Contract Signing
2. Project construction
Cost management - Safety Management - progress management - quality management - data management. Each of the above steps can be embodied or completed in the OA process approval (matter report), the only difference is that the sponsor and approver are different.
The financial NC system is a special case because it involves bank accounts and runs separately. But approval can also be carried out in OA.
Experience four: enhancing enterprise competitiveness is the ultimate goal of information construction.
The adoption of the information system installed in Hubei Province is a disruptive innovation involving the alternation of old and new systems and the disposal of existing data. We will use data link method to save the data of gold and C6 platform step by step.
No matter how good the information technology means, it is only a technical tool and management tool, and ultimately depends on people to control and use, so the enterprise information construction is the icing on the cake of perfect management, rather than low management in the snow. The construction and perfection of enterprise management system is the foundation of enterprise informationization construction. The arrival of hardware and software is only the beginning of informationization. The ultimate goal of enterprise informationization construction is how to use rationally, how to improve the overall management level of enterprises and how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. (Shi Kai)

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