Keep moving forward with vigorous efforts

The sun and moon go round and round, and when the earth draws a perfect ellipse, we wave goodbye to 2018. Inventory of the 2018 Kai'an experience of various important things, the vicissitudes of the years, once bumpy and the mark of the years... uuuuuuuuuu One after another came upon us.
365 days, with responsibilities and dreams of the enlightenment, what lessons, touches and incentives have been harvested?
We go through both rain and wind. 2018 is an extraordinary year. The development of Qian'an, Jiangsu Province, has undergone unprecedented challenges and tests. But the wind knows the strength of the grass, and the fire knows the truth. Faced with the crisis, Qian'an people are sober-minded, clear-minded and resolute in action. They hold the bottom line with courage, use initiative as a solution to contradictions, and use brainstorming to turn the crisis into an opportunity. A storm not only tested the Qi'an people, but also gave them self-reflection, enlightenment and warning.
We have the same mind. Standing at the peak of business performance, Qian'an people are not complacent, self-confident, let alone hesitate. Whether it is the total value of construction or the amount of new contracts signed; whether it is mechanical and electrical installation, or housing construction projects; whether it is traditional features, or emerging areas, are to continue to make greater efforts. Qian'an people are concerted, upright and innovative, pioneering and enterprising, and firmly forge ahead towards the 135-year goal of "10 billion output value".
We, the colorful paving. From the provincial top 100 specialties in construction industry to the national excellent construction enterprises for 14 years in a row, from the local "gold medal enterprises" to the national "good faith typical enterprises"; from the "Lu Ban" to create "national excellence" to the new technology to win the national "science and technology awards"; from successive breaking the record of low-temperature tank industry to winning the praise of senior executives of Sinopec, Qian'an people have achieved full and fruitful results.
We, strong foundation, solid foundation. Special training, pre-exam counseling, safety inspection, talent introduction, financial training, information construction... The basic management of enterprises has been steadily promoted and improved day by day. Shaoshan pays homage to the great men, hones the will of the May 4th Movement, carries out Party Day activities, and listens to the grand meeting of reform. The work of Party building in enterprises has been continuously optimized and the results are visible; the company's website and newspapers have won awards again, "Lao Qian" is well-known in the Great Hall of the People, the local mainstream media pay attention to reports, and philanthropy focuses on precise poverty alleviation... The construction of enterprise culture is flourishing and bright.
In a word, Kai'an in 2018 has gone through storms and hardships, bravely and resolutely...
Looking back, footprints and sweat are already in the back; looking far, Qian'an people sharpen their beards and dreams can be expected...
Standing at the new starting point of 2019, facing new journey, new goals and new challenges, let us hope, work together, strive for governance, raise the sail of reform, firmly and steadily advance, hold the quality rudder firmly, tighten the safety chord, and continue to move towards the ideal goal of sustainable and high-quality development. (O

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