Group company organizes "March 8th" tea culture talk activities

  In order to celebrate the International Women's Day on March 8th, in the morning of March 8th, more than 20 female employees from the group headquarters, Bem Design and regional companies participated in a tea culture rambling activity held by the group company's Holiday Meiduo Branch, Chanyin Tea Studio. Zhu Yongmei, chairman of Qidong Women's Federation, attended the event, and encouraged Qian'an women workers to continue to maintain and develop their "loyalty, tenacity, innovation, wisdom and elegance" character, so as to contribute more women's wisdom and strength to the development of Qian and local economy. Jin Weijia, a lecturer on tea culture in Shanghai, was invited to talk and share about tea culture with the theme of "Evolution of tea drinking methods". During this period, Ms. Jin and Qian'an women workers frequently interact, the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, while popularizing tea culture, they also teach health preservation, and the activities have achieved good results. (Enterprise Management Department)



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Chairman Yin Weidong visited the representatives of retired employees

he Double Ninth Festival is full of enlightenment. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company, came to visit the home of Zhou Jianzhong, a representative of retired employees over 80 years old, and sent blessings and care to the elderly. It is reported that this year, the group company appointed a trade union to visit a total of 16 retired workers and 2 disabled workers, the condolences of the old comrades have been grateful for the development of the company without forgetting the old workers, wishing the company to flourish and the cause to a higher level! (Office)