The people have faith, and the nation has power

  The people have faith, and the nation has power
On carrying forward the socialist core values
The prosperity of a country can not be separated from the support of the spirit. The progress of a nation depends on the growth of civilization.
We often say that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is not only a miracle in economic development, but also a brilliant writing in spiritual culture. Today, the comprehensive deepening reform process, with what kind of spirit, in order to lead the trend and consensus, to tackle tough? In pursuit of the great struggle of the Chinese dream, what values can we carry forward to make our country, nation and people more powerful in thought and spirit?
"To promote prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony, promote freedom, equality, justice and the rule of law, and advocate patriotism, devotion, honesty and friendship, and actively cultivate and practice socialist core values."." The eighteen big parties sum up the value target, value orientation and value criterion of the socialist core values from three aspects: the state, the society and the citizen. These three "advocates" draw the core of a country's value, the common ideal of a society and the spiritual home of millions of people, and arouse a strong resonance in the whole society.
Material poverty is not socialism; spiritual emptiness is not socialism. After the development of China, more attention has been paid to spiritual beliefs, ethics and social customs, especially the sense of belonging to mainstream values and common beliefs. Discussion the elderly fell to the ground "help or not", reflects the value of moral conscience and anxiety; education equity, employment equity, justice has become the focus of public opinion, the people's attitudes and expectations of social rules; the construction of modern civilization embodies the idea of the state, to create happiness, let down the national soft power stronger cast ideal and pursuit for citizens. Life requires faith driven, social needs consensus, lead, development needs value navigation, three "advocacy" guidance requirements, these three levels are corresponding to the requirements of the times, can be described as the trend of the times, at the right time. This is the reason why the socialist core values caused heated discussion, identity and resonance in the eighteen years of the party.
History has proved that a nation, poor is not terrible, but even more frightening is the spiritual emptiness. Lost the ideal faith, without inner behavior constraints, no scruples, no amount of external demand, will act thieves and thieves have "lost the leading value; no clear criteria, break the moral bottom line, and abundant material life, also is" the apple of Sodom". Since modern times, the Chinese people's struggle goals and the important connotation of the Chinese dream are seeking the country's value core, realizing the common ideal of society and building the spiritual homeland of the nation. In this sense, the socialist core values are the rudder of the dream of life struggle, the spirit of the Chinese nation's calcium, and the spirit of rejuvenating china. From the point of view of knowledge and practice, to excavate the hearts of each one kind of moral will, moral emotion, let the socialist core values into social groups and personal consciousness, outside of the code of conduct for groups and individuals, in order to produce full of cohesion, combat, solid ideological foundation of comprehensive deepening reform.
The people have faith, and the nation has power. The socialist core values of education and publicity activities, into the whole process of national education and spiritual civilization construction, with the reform and opening up the practical experience and great achievements together with the overall goal of a well-off society built together, we can continue to form value identity more widely, not only for the development of the country power, more national progress casting the soul. (source: People's daily)

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