[history] 918, an unforgettable warning

  [history] 918, an unforgettable warning
This year's "918 incident" broke out in 85th anniversary. 85 years have passed, but "918" is still a scar on the heart of the Chinese people. In this era of peace, people can't forget their warning.
The history is engraved on my heart, and can never be forgotten. "918" is the national day of the Chinese nation to the most dangerous time. In September 18, 1931, the Japanese invaders blatantly launched the "918 incident", lit up to 14 years of the war of aggression against china. How many human tragedies, broken up, broken cannot bear to think of the past crimes of aggression, irrefutable evidence.
No great historical disaster is not compensated by the progress of history. In the war against foreign aggression, the Chinese nation has completed Nirvana rebirth, created the great spirit of the war, with about 35000000 of the cost of military and civilian casualties ushered in the victory of the anti fascist war, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation stand in a new historical starting point.
Time can go far, history can not be tampered with. White is white, said ten thousand times and can not become black, this make irresponsible remarks are in vain; confuse right and wrong practices, self deception, contemptible. We hope that the former perpetrators don't whitewash aggression, but the spirit of the history and future of responsible attitude, carefully seriously and properly handle historical issues, to learn the lessons of history, to take practical action to the path of peaceful development in the world.
We commemorate the history, not to perpetuate hatred, revenge. Experienced the suffering of the Chinese nation, for today's peace and prosperity, pay the rare hardships and sacrifices of the world, cherish peace, cherish doubly. History tells us that peace needs to be fought for and maintained, and that peace will remain with us only if everyone keeps in mind the lessons of war and draws upward forces from suffering.
Free from danger, keep forgetting death, do not forget the chaos, the country should have a strength of character, is the proper meaning of a nation toward great rejuvenation. "918 incident" left us for 85 years, but "918" as the imprint of national suffering, firmly engraved in the memory of the Chinese people, and will be passed down from generation to generation. Every September 18th, issued in Jiangsu and other places of the alarm sound, bursts of bells, is a warning: Chinese to make efforts; do not forget national humiliation, but also a declaration: peace can not be a repeat of the tragedy; not easily won, more is a clear victory of justice, peace, win, win the people! (source: Xinhua News Agency reporter: Xu Yang)

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The group company was awarded the title of "Shanghai Construction Industry Integrity Enterprise"