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Jiangsu Jiangsu in Xinjiang

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Xinjiang is the cradle of the construction industry in Qi'an, Jiangsu and even Qidong, where many architectural talents grew up.

In the early 1980s, Qi'an people responded to the call of the Party Central Committee to build Xinjiang, and went to Karamay, Dushanzi, Urumqi and other places to start the "Qian people" entrepreneurial legend in Xinjiang.

In 1995, Song Chunju, deputy general manager of the group company and founder of Jinshun Branch, led more than 20 workers and came to Xinjiang to join hands with Nantong No. 2 Construction to join the arduous construction of Urumqi landmark project "Torch Building".

After 22 years of hard work, Jiangsu Qi'an has sprung up in Xinjiang. No matter project management or excellence, it has achieved fruitful results and made outstanding contributions to the group's brand building and business performance. It has won the national architectural award for three consecutive years. It has established a monument in the land of Xinjiang and has become a resounding construction iron army. It has been rated as an "outstanding construction enterprise in Xinjiang" by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for years, creating a new era for the development of Jiangsu Qi'an in the Xinjiang market.

In November 2017, the Group News Highlights Group and Qidong TV Station entered the land of Xinjiang to experience the pulse of Jiangsu Qi’an ’s development in Xinjiang and the years of struggle, and to appreciate Jiangsu Qi’an ’s fighting will and entrepreneurial style in Xinjiang.

Brand wins the market

At 10 a.m. on October 27, the warm and warm sunshine will shine on the comprehensive building of the outpatient ward of the People's Hospital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region on Tianshan Road, Urumqi.

Professor Liu Cuiling, director of the hospital logistics service center, dressed in orange fashion, happily came to the building and was interviewed.

"This Luban Prize project has excellent quality, full functions and large area, which has won the recognition of hospital peers in Xinjiang and even the whole country, and won the praise of the majority of patients. Especially the follow-up services of Qi'an in Jiangsu are very good. In November, the Standards Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission organized a survey and was very excited to see that our engineering and logistics management, even saying that we could not have such a high-quality hospital in Xinjiang. Subsequently, the research team hired me as a review expert and arranged to go to the Shanghai Nine Hospital 1. Ruijin Hospital conducted guidance and sincerely thanked Jiangsu Qian for the high-quality project that gave me the opportunity and honor ... "Speaking of his unexpected gains, Professor Liu was very happy.

The Comprehensive Building of the Outpatient Ward of the People's Hospital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region is the first "Luban Award" won by our Qidong architects in Xinjiang. According to Professor Liu, there are currently 500 staff in the hospital service center, of which there are more than 100 people in equipment management alone. They are mainly responsible for power, water supply and drainage, fire protection, air conditioning, heating, and sewage treatment. Four employees assist us in maintenance all year round, which makes me very relieved.

Then, Director Liu guided us into the underground computer room. But see, the equipment installation specifications are orderly, the warning slogans are eye-catching, and all equipment is operating normally. Pointing to a "standardized power distribution demonstration point", Director Liu told us that this brand has only two pieces in Xinjiang, and the other piece is in the Xinjiang Guest House, thanks to the superb installation technology of Jiangsu Qi'an.

Since 2015, Jinshun Branch has won 2 Luban Awards and 1 National Excellence Award for the Group ’s construction for 3 consecutive years. It has been awarded the first place in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Fire Fighting "Tianshan Award" for 2 consecutive years and also won 3 "Tianshan Cup", and was selected as the deputy chairman unit by the Xinjiang Fire Protection Association. Song Chunjue was specially hired as a guiding expert by the Xinjiang Fire Brigade. He has repeatedly taught fire installation technology and introduction experience in Xinjiang. Li Xionghua, senior engineer and senior expert of the Xinjiang Fire Protection Association, commented in an interview: In the field of fire protection installation, Jiangsu Qi'an is a benchmark enterprise, especially the comprehensive building of the People's Hospital of the Autonomous Region has become Xinjiang's observation project, model project and fire training base.

After more than 20 years of hard work, the brand recognition and reputation of Jiangsu Qi'an in Xinjiang has been greatly improved, and the butterfly change from "creating a brand", "building a brand", "building a brand" to "using a brand" has been realized. Xinjiang has become a feng shui treasure for the development of Qi'an. In building a system integrity platform in Xinjiang, Qi’an is at the forefront, with increasing influence and increasing market share. From ordinary civilian residences to hospitals, schools, hotels, hotels, to cultural facilities, airport terminals, border posts, and even photovoltaic power stations, urban underground pipeline corridors ... The business field is increasingly expanding, especially in public construction projects, In the medical field, the harvest is generous and projects are in series. From the comprehensive building of the outpatient ward of the People's Hospital of the autonomous region to the comprehensive building of the medical technology outpatient clinic of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, to the Xinjiang High-speed Railway Hospital, Children's Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Urumqi Art Center, Cultural Center, and Talent Building of High-tech Zone ... .. All major projects are fully included in the Qi’an capsule, and the “Grape Cluster” effect of the Qi’an brand is prominent. Among them, in participating in market competition, the owners are very willing to participate in the bidding of the project. Even in the course of logistics services, "grape clusters" can "flower outside the festival." The People's Hospital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region often arranges some sporadic projects to be built by Qi'an. Three or four employees involved in equipment maintenance can create millions of output value a year.

Song Chun, vice president of the group and head of Jinshun Branch, proudly said that this is called "brand wins the market"!

Artisans build quality products

November 6, Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Luban Prize and the 2016-2017 annual high-quality engineering experience exchange meeting was held here. At the meeting, Qi'an participated in the construction of the Xinjiang High-end Talent Service Building, which won the Luban Award, the highest honor in China's construction industry. This is the second Luban prize won by Jin Shun for Qi'an. Holding the trophy, Song Chun is determined to be ups and downs and full of pride.

History is the root and culture is the soul. Lu Ban is an outstanding craftsman and outstanding inventor in ancient China. The Luban Award has become a brand representative of "Build in China" and a bright banner that leads and inspires Chinese builders to pursue excellence.

Some people say that the Luban Prize is made out of money. Song Chun, who is fast and quick, strongly disagrees with this argument. He said that the fine works are built with the quality of craftsmen and the spirit of Luban.

What is the Luban spirit? Song Chun definitely has his own understanding.

First, inherit the rules, second, innovative tools, third, exquisite architecture, and fourth, honest service. In a word, the Luban spirit is better than best! At the company management meeting, at the production and construction project site, when communicating with employees , Song Chunrui always seizes various opportunities and occasions to elaborate on the Luban spirit. He said that to do the project, there must be a Luban spirit, a sense of service to the owners, and a responsibility for the professional installation of Jiangsu Qi'an.

To this end, Jin Shun set up a special excellence leadership group, and at the beginning of each year to propose excellence goals. For example, in 2017, five award programs were proposed: the Chuanglu Ban Award for High-end Talent Service Building; the Chuang Lu Ban Award or National Excellence Award of the Arts Center; the high-speed rail hospital created the "Tianshan Award" at the autonomous region level; ); Innovation Plaza Chuang Lu Ban Award or National Excellence Award.

"How did you achieve the Luban Award?" At the Luban Award evaluation site of the high-end talent service building, a senior expert asked the project manager Gu Binchang. The honest Gu manager replied without hesitation: "It is not difficult to do the Luban Award. I think that as long as each process is done carefully in accordance with the national process standards and the job is better, you can get the Luban Award!" The answer made the experts nod and say yes. Immediately, the expert requested Gu Kuichang's phone number and said that we would add a friend and exchange more questions about the project in the future.

On the journey of creating excellent products and building high-quality products, the goal of Jinshun senior executives is so clear and forward-looking, and the style of grass-roots craftsmen is so firm and simple. The Jinshun people won the recognition and respect of many owners with the spirit of craftsmen. They presented one quality project in the land of Xinjiang and wrote the glory of the era of excellence in Jiangsu Qi'an.

Technology Increases Benefits

At present, the construction market is "more monks and less porridge", the competition is more and more fierce, and many projects are basically at zero profit quotation. In view of this, the Jinshun people put forward the countermeasures of "exchanging benefits with technology".

In 2016, under the guidance of the group company, Jin Shun established his own BIM team in Xinjiang. For this special team, Song Chun was very kind. The work is affiliated with the engineering department, and the management is directly under the leadership of the company. In particular, he actively took the initiative to strengthen communication with the group's BIM center. Now, in less than two years, this young team has emerged, highlighting the power of "exchanging technology for efficiency."

According to Fan Zhuzhen, the team leader, Jinshun BIM has played an important role in the project construction, and the economic benefits are very obvious, which has improved the company's work efficiency by 30% and saved 8% of the material cost. In particular, it has achieved good results in projects such as Talent Building, High-speed Rail Hospital, Art Center, Cultural Center, and Innovation Plaza Phase II. Recently, BIM technology has been fully utilized in the Xinjiang Airport project, the basement of the Ergong Township project, and the underground garage of the Shuxinyuan project, which solves the problem of cross-fighting between pipelines and is used in conjunction with integrated pipeline layout technology to save A large number of materials and labor, the direct economic benefits generated are extremely considerable.

While promoting the construction of the BIM team, Jinshun also spared no effort to promote technological innovation through various methods such as thematic training, on-site observation, and comprehensive inspection, and made every effort to achieve "exchanging benefits with technology".

In recent years, Jinshun has also set up a factory base in the Xinjiang market, introduced automated production lines, and purchased new machinery and equipment. Each project department is required to submit materials, sizes, and quantities to the production base based on the results of the optimized drawings. The air ducts and bridges are formed at one time in the processing plant, and then shipped directly to the site for installation, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing material waste. Song Chunzhi also plans to further expand the scale of the processing plant and enhance the factory's prefabrication capacity.

In the specific construction process, Jinshun people are even more keen to promote and use the "four new technologies", and play the role of new processes, new equipment, new materials and new technologies. For example, in the Urumqi City Art Center, the World Crown County and other projects actively use advanced pre-embedded treatment technology in developed coastal areas. From the beginning of the project construction, they will closely cooperate with civil construction and carefully plan, in water, electricity, ventilation, heating, ventilation, fire protection In order to fully carry out high-standard and high-quality pre-embedded treatment, the project's economic benefits will be improved.

Veteran Song Chunlin is an outstanding electromechanical installation expert of Jin Shun, and he is deeply impressed by the company's "replacement of benefits with technology". He said that he used to think that technological innovation can only be performed by highly educated people. Now, through several complex projects including the comprehensive building of Xinjiang University, the dormitory building, and the medical technology outpatient complex of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Medical University, he feels that innovation is not out of reach. Everyone can do it. Anything that can reduce labor intensity, increase efficiency, and save costs is called technological innovation. This year, the art center project I am responsible for, "How to Improve the Benefits and Quality of Aerial Work", also declared QC results. My colleague Yang Dong also declared the "How to Improve the Pre-embedded Benefits and Quality" QC Results in the Cultural Center Project. Really can get benefits.

In Jinshun, Xinjiang, scientific and technological innovation is no longer a "myth and legend". "Technology for benefit" has been vividly practiced in all aspects.

Innovative Ramming Foundation

Small wisdom governs things, big wisdom governs the system.

The mature idea comes from hard practice. In 22 years of enterprise management practice, Jinshun people have refined a set of management systems with Jinshun characteristics and Xinjiang style. This is the "Four Concepts" that Song Chunjie is actively promoting and promoting. That is "project planning, drawing optimization, model first, and fixed construction." In the group's mid-2016 management work conference, Song Chunjue gave a special presentation and won wide acclaim from the group's peers.

For this mature management experience, Song Chun is full of confidence. He said that we must speak at every meeting, we must check, we must ask questions in exchanges, and we must listen to reports.

For example, in the "drawing optimization" basically formed a "project department needs-BIM center to do plans-engineering department review plan-project department execution" mode. Besides, "model first", from a distribution box, toilet, to a pipe well, equipment room, have to go through "drawing", "swing", specific "installation", repeated "modification", multiple layers The "six steps" of "examination" and the "definition" of the engineering department, especially in the installation of residential buildings, the effect is more obvious. As for "fixed construction", Yang Hongchao, vice president of Jinshun, said excitedly: Now the project departments have tasted the sweetness. On the basis of the company's basic fixed standards, they consciously deepened and refined. For example, Yang Hongchao said that the Art Center project alone produced 12 quota standards, and the Xiaodiwobao project produced 18 quota standards.

The "four concepts" as well as off-site prefabrication, factory production, modular installation, standardized processes, and standardized management have become important magic weapons for the Jinshun people to win the Xinjiang market.

Talent life force

In Song Chunjue's view, talents are the key to the rapid development and endless vitality of enterprises. Technical innovation and fine management are all inseparable from the participation and practice of the workforce. Therefore, the Jinshun branch has been deployed in advance, with "people" as the core, and has established a development concept based on its own workforce. It adheres to the model of independent recruitment, independent cultivation, and independent management. A series of inherent contradictions, such as high labor costs, make the enterprise team strong and able to fight, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of the Xinjiang market.

As we all know, in the current transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, the reform of the labor service system has been put on the agenda. At present, the state is piloting the reform of the employment system, encouraging construction enterprises to recruit some high-skilled migrant workers as their own workers, and constantly expanding the ranks of industrial workers. Therefore, owning workers becomes an important criterion for measuring the maturity of an enterprise.

At present, Jin Shun has more than 700 employees in Xinjiang. Among them, Qidong nationality accounted for more than 30%, and Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Hunan, and Henan accounted for more than 60%. The number of stable self-employed workers in such a large number of family companies is also very small. This well-trained and hard-working "main force" has become an important force for Jin Shun to expand its territory and fight the market, and has played a key role in many major battles.

According to Xi Weihong, the project manager: In order to welcome the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the local government requested that the task of rebuilding the Great Hall of the People be completed within five months; the first and second phases of the world ’s crown county of 1.57 million square meters also required a short time The construction was completed; the outpatient ward comprehensive building of the People's Hospital has a large volume and a complex site ... It is only through our own workforce that we have overcome difficulties and completed the task on schedule, and won the recognition of Party A and the praise of experts.

So, how was this "main iron army" cultivated?

Jinshun Branch put forward the talent training strategies named "Young Eagle Plan", "Flying Eagle Plan" and "Fine Eagle Plan", let's call it "Eagle Plan". It originated from the "teacher with apprentice" initiative by the group in the industry.

"Young Eagle Program" aims to train newly recruited college students, adopting a "one-to-one mentoring system", allowing them to grow into independent company technical and management personnel in 2-3 years. The "Flying Eagle Program" aims to train employees who have entered the company for more than 2 years, have certain work experience and cultivate potential, and train them to become a job



Qidong TV interviewed Song Chunjue, vice president of the company and head of Jinshun Branch



Staff inspection equipment



Uyghur youth is on schedule. Abdul Rheman works in the workshop


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The group company held a number of line meetings to make a good start and a good start for the whole year's work.

On the afternoon of February 25, the group held a mobilization meeting for regional companies at the beginning of the year. Chairman Yin Weidong took the time to attend the meeting and made a speech. He put forward three requirements for regional work in the new year. One is to correctly judge and understand the external situation, accurately understand and grasp the company's situation, and provide important ideological guarantees for good work; The second is to make it clear that resolving stock risks and preventing new risks are the two key tasks of the year, and to formulate measures around the two tasks and implement them well; the third is to get to work as soon as possible after the holiday, and widely publicize the spirit of the third and sixth general meetings of shareholders and the latest industry policies, so as to gather more positive energy for the group's dangerous picture and progress. The chairman stressed that regional personnel should go deep into the front line of construction to understand the resumption of the project at the first time, predict possible problems, determine corresponding solutions and measures, and at the same time keep in mind "loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility". Continue to strengthen the construction of work style and constantly improve the service level. At the meeting, General Manager Zhang Jian made specific arrangements on how to implement the spirit of the report made by the chairman at the sixth general meeting of shareholders to 2024, and the participants conducted interactive exchanges on their respective regional work.

The six shareholders' meetings of the three sessions of the Group and the working meeting at the beginning of the year were successfully held.

People are diligent and spring comes early. It is the right time to move forward. On February 23, the sixth shareholders' meeting of the group company and the working meeting at the beginning of the year were successfully held in the conference hall on the 4th floor of Qi'an building. more than 160 people attended the meeting, including shareholders, group headquarters, regional companies, all personnel of directly affiliated units and heads of branches. The meeting was presided over by general manager Zhang Jian.

Qidong City Construction Industry Work Conference Held

On the morning of February 20, the city's construction industry work conference was held ceremoniously in the municipal party education center. Yang Zhongjian, secretary of Qidong Municipal Committee, made an important speech. Wang Kailiang, party secretary and director of Nantong Housing and Construction Bureau, and city leaders Cai Yi, Gu Yunfeng, Shao Maohua, Gao Guangjun, Pan Shuanglin, Chen Hongfei and Zhang Hairong attended the event. The company's winners and representatives attended the meeting.

The 6th Youth League Congress of the Group Company Held Successfully

On the afternoon of February 19, the sixth Congress of the Committee of the Communist Youth League Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the academic center on the fourth floor of the company. Wu Qimeng, secretary of the Qidong Municipal CPC Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Yin Weidong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, were invited to attend the event, which was attended by 22 members from the League branches of various branches.

The group company was continuously awarded the "Gold Medal Enterprise" and "Top 20 Taxpayers" in Qidong City. Yin Weidong, the honorary chairman, was awarded the "Gold Medal Entrepreneur"

On the afternoon of February 8, Qidong municipal Party committee and municipal government held a grand 2023 comprehensive commendation meeting in the municipal party education center. Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. once again won the honors of "gold medal enterprise" and "top 20 tax paying enterprises". Yin Weidong, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, was once again awarded the title of "gold medal entrepreneur" and was invited to attend the meeting to receive the award. At the meeting, Yang Zhongjian, secretary of the Qidong Municipal CPC Committee, made an important speech, mobilizing the whole city to deeply draw on the strength of struggle, compete for development and win the first place in a more high-spirited state, and constantly gather a strong joint force to promote the new practice of Chinese-style modernization in Qidong. The group company also won the title of "the most caring donation enterprise", and Gong Shancong, vice president of the group, was rated as "the most caring individual". (Office)

The Group Company Held a Ceremoniously 2023 Comprehensive Recognition and 2024 Spring Festival Greeting Meeting

Long Teng Rui Qi Ying Qi An, Feng Wu Xiang Yun Zhao Guo Rui. On February 5 (December 26 of the lunar calendar), the group company held a grand 2023 comprehensive commendation and spring festival party in qidong guorui haosheng hotel. Yin Weidong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, delivered a speech, Lu Fei, general manager, read out the commendation decision, and Huang Haojie, director of Qidong Housing and Construction Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Nearly 400 people including all staff of the group headquarters, regional companies, and directly affiliated units, heads and related personnel of each branch, and all commended objects participated in the event.