The safe development of life supremacy

In June this year is the seventeenth "safe production month" in China. The theme of its activities is "life first and safety development". How to run through the enterprise production activities, the alarm bell, the moment is not loose, the solid foundation of the security, the continuous improvement of the responsibility system, and promote the high quality and sustainable development of the enterprise. This is an important task for the group company in the current and future period.
There was a famous ballad in ancient England: "an iron nail, a horse, a horse, a horse, a horse, a battle, a battle, a country lost." This is the story of Charlie III of England, which is thought-provoking.
Life is like a song, don't forget to be safe. In the nineteen major report of the party, general secretary Xi Jinping made clear that "set up the concept of safety development, carry forward the thought of life first and safety first, improve the system of public safety, perfect the responsibility system for safety production, resolutely curb serious accidents and improve the ability of disaster prevention and relief", which is to guide the national safety production. The general plan is also the power source for our safety work. Putting people first is the core of human security and the first priority. Building enterprises do a good job in safety production. We must firmly establish the safety concept of putting people first and life foremost. We should strengthen the safety investment, improve the safety system and consolidate the safety foundation; strengthen the staff education, improve the safety awareness, solidify the safety behavior; strengthen the safety work assessment, further implement the safety production responsibility, chorus "the song of safety", and build up the human based, safety first "firewall".
It is safe to develop and be in the bud. The greatest threat to safety in production lies in insufficient attention to safety production laws, regulations and standards. Needless to say, the current situation of safe production inside and outside the group is strict. In 2017, there were 692 production safety accidents and 807 deaths in the construction industry, 9.15% and 9.80% respectively, of which 3. 25 Guangzhou caused 9 deaths and 2 injured in the collapse of the power plant, resulting in bad social impact. A group of real data, a case of bloody accidents, shocking, warning. As we all know, in the safety production management, the effect of preventive investment is much better than the effect after the latter. This requires that effective control measures must be taken in the safety production management of the enterprise, and the accident will be eliminated in the bud. Therefore, in accordance with the national "month of safety production", we should take the initiative to carry out thematic teaching activities, further strict standards and technical requirements, strengthen the foundation of safety technology, strengthen the quality management of the project, and organize the staff safety education manual compiled by the staff learning group of the permanent organization, bearing in mind the "one second safety confirmation," The concept of lifelong happiness guarantee, and constantly promote the construction of project safety culture. In a word, we should make sure that the development of security will become a pursuit of enterprise value and conscientious practice of employees through various forms and innovative means.
It is difficult to preserve it and keep it upright. Safety development is the bottom line. High quality development is the goal and sustainable development is the connotation. "Zhou Yi Zhuan" cloud; "see danger but can stop, know it." The key to seeking justice from difficulties is to improve morality and draw inferences from others, and the core is to improve the responsibility system for production safety. We should draw lessons from the accident, and learn from the lessons. We should take the responsibility to carry out the task and shoulder the responsibility. On the one hand, we should set up the whole life cycle of the project, keep a clear understanding of the long-term and complexity of all kinds of security risks, be in danger, call the alarm bell and firmly establish the red line consciousness that the development must not at the expense of safety; on the other hand, we should also improve the ability and level of safe production. We should have a clear idea of the characteristics and weak links of the whole production and have a way in hand. At present, combined with the requirement of "safety production month", we should work hard in the field of guarding. Further improve the safety production management system, including the strengthening of project quality management, strict self-examination, mutual inspection and "three inspection system", implement the responsibility of the main body of the project quality, and further strengthen the four level inspection system of the group, the region, the sub company, the project department and the hidden trouble checking system, and the layer to implement the responsibility; further strengthen each other. The daily supervision of dangerous sources, especially in high work, special posts, and equipment and facilities in public safety places, really should be in the bud and tighten the "safety valve" at all times, and further push the branch and project department to do a good job of project safety management planning, and make the safety and safety management process predictable; Step by step and effectively carry out the group quality safety inspection activities, the tree pole, find the "pain point", time to build the foundation of the safety development of the cause of Kai an, singing "life first, safe development" song! (Office)

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