Take responsibility all the way

Time is passing and time goes by. Ten years, look back, look to the future...
In July 2009, when I graduated from University, I packed my bags and took a shuttle bus to Qidong. When I arrived at the company, everything was so strange for me in the countryside, and I couldn't help but cheer up.
The company assigned me to northern Shaanxi, a desolate place with drought, rain and wind and sand. From the dry work, gradually familiar with the work environment, personnel, process and so on, after two years of experience, independent of the information work (all and paper on the project are data work, heart full of helpless) and bidding work (technical standard), and then with some small projects in the field management.
At the end of the year, I was finally looking forward to home. With a smile on her face, she came to the door with a gift in her hand. Mom and dad go out to meet, and find that parents have more white hair, I do not know when the face added a few wrinkles, the indescribable feelings of sudden birth can not let them find.
The reunion is always short, and then to the departure. The scene with my parents and young children waved in my memory. Seeing the camel's back of my parents, I suddenly thought of Zhu Ziqing's "back figure", which made me sad.
My wife and I work in Northern Shaanxi company, but not in a project, separated by more than 2 hours of driving. We are too small to get together.
In 2017, I began to be responsible for the production and construction of oil production and oil engineering in Changqing oil field four plant. A contract contains ten stations and more than 10 pipelines. Each station and each line should go through the commencement, entry procedures and related work tickets. Every day's work is busy and heavy, and the night is long. The thoughts of wives, children and parents slowly climb up to the heart, and only feel the warmth of the family through video.
On the eve of 54, Yin Weidong, the chairman of the group company, published a message for young people "shining the dream of youth letting go", which inspired us. Every generation of young people had their own chance and chance to plan life and create history under the conditions of their own times. In June 8th, the group of Nantong region of the group took a heavy rain, and he came to visit the grass-roots project department from Qidong to exchange and interact with us, let us know more about the current situation of the group and understand the growth experience of the young college students of more colleagues, and let us be deeply inspired and moved. It is said that small businesses look at bosses, medium-sized enterprises look at systems, and large enterprises look at culture. The profound cultural foundation of Jiangsu Kai an has made us feel very proud of every grass-roots employee.
Time goes by, time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, he turned into a middle aged uncle from a little boy, accompanied by joy and sorrow. Looking back, I can not help feeling: the hardships that life has given us is to make us more mature and go farther in the future. With the expectation of the group business and the longing for a better life, under the family's expectation, carry on the pressure, shoulder the responsibility, and go all the way. (Chen Yiwen, twenty-seventh Project Department of Nantong region)

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