All accidents can be prevented

After years of development and practice, the developed countries in Europe and the United States have developed a relatively advanced safety management system and safety concept. Here, let's give a brief introduction.
First, basic idea
1. all accidents can be prevented. From top management to ordinary employees, we must have such a belief that we must take all possible measures to prevent and control accidents.
2. all levels of management are directly responsible for their own security. Safety is a company's comprehensive work, including every corner, involving every employee, and full responsibility.
3. all security risks are controllable. For all safety risks, we must plan, invest, manage, control and plan to ensure the normalization of hidden trouble investigation and management.
4. compliance with safety regulations is the first requirement for employees to be employed. Violation of any time can be dismissed, so that employees can always tighten the safety string.
5. all employees must receive strict safety training and implement "admission qualification" access system.
6. the supervisors at all levels must carry out the safety inspection. Collect all kinds of safety production data at any time to provide basis for safety decision-making.
7. the security risks must be corrected in time. To identify hidden dangers, we must set people, set deadlines, set measures and rectify them in time.
8. the security and work safety outside the work are equally important. The company must do well in safety education, training and supervision other than staff work.
9. good safety is a good business as well as a strategic thinking. If you put the security input into the same important position for business development, it will not be a cost, but a profitable business, and the return is huge.
10. the direct participation of employees is the key. Employees are the main body of management and the participants. Without employees' participation, everything is empty talk.
Two. Security culture
The first stage, the natural instinct stage. Without top management, safety depends on human instinct and obedience is the goal.
The second stage, the strict supervision stage. At this stage, the enterprise has established the necessary safety system and rules and regulations, has a safety responsibility system, and has made a safety promise. But the lack of awareness of staff safety awareness, the implementation system is not self-consciousness, the overall execution and safety awareness is poor. The majority of domestic enterprises are at this stage.
The third stage, independent management stage. This stage is mainly because the enterprise has a complete safety management system, the staff safety consciousness is strong, can better self management.
The fourth stage, the mutual aid team management stage. At this stage, employees not only pay attention to their own safety, but also care about others' safety and form safety work. Every employee is a participant and manager.
Three, beneficial enlightenment
Compared with the four stages of the safety management culture of European and American enterprises, most of our domestic construction enterprises are in the second stage. We should take the initiative to learn the experience of safety production in developed countries in Europe and America and set up the idea that all accidents can be prevented. (Jiang Ruowei)

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