Enlightenment on the job, release youth

Enlightenment on the job, release youth

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The introduction and training of outstanding university graduates is an indispensable part of the company's talent strategy, and it is also an excellent tradition of the group. On July 4, the group organized the 2017 new college student induction training. The chairman of the group and persons in charge of relevant departments participated. Although the training time is not long, but the content is rich, the organization is standardized, and good training results have been achieved. The recruited college students feel deeply about this, writing articles one after another, expressing their insights on joining the job, and expressing their wish to learn to be Qi'an people.

Lu Jiahuan, Jiangsu Institute of Architectural Technology (Hengli Branch) ——

Induction training is my first lesson to become a Qi'an. The leadership's teachings and earnest expectations, the company's fine traditions and cultural heritage, all deeply shocked me. Learning is valuable, and training is wonderful. Apart from sighing and longing, I hope to use my wisdom and talents, hard work and diligence to contribute my young and meager strength to the realization of "Qi'an Dream".

Gong Jinyu, Jilin University of Architecture (Hengli Branch) ——

If you don't have a dream, what's the difference with "salted fish"? As a young man who has just stepped out of college, he must have the dream of striving for it. As the chairman instructed: start from the most basic, don't be low-eyed and low-handed, take every step down to earth.

Mao Jie, Jinling Institute of Technology (Jingang Branch) ——

The company took the first class of induction for our group of workplace "little rookie". In the post I am about to go to, I must learn to connect theory with practice and use the learning to serve the enterprise well; to position myself and move forward; to have a clear plan for my future and find the right one for my development as soon as possible direction.

Huang Tianlun, Jinling Institute of Technology (Jinhengyuan Company) ——

Chairman Yin, as a person coming over, taught us to take root at the grassroots level and start from the practical. He also shared his learning habits with everyone: insisting on taking notes every day and keeping thinking; he also gave us four "as soon as possible" requirements. Yin Dong ’s speech was very exciting, and the new employees present gave warm applause.

Ji Yonghui, Nantong University (Nine Branch) ——

Main gains from participating in onboarding training: learn to communicate and coordinate; learn to reflect; find the correct positioning; dare to suffer losses and endure hardships. As a new Qi'an person, he should take root in Qi'an, become a talented person, and take every step of his own.

Zhu Chenyang, School of Science and Technology, Nanchang Hangkong University (Maosheng Branch)-

The on-the-job training has made me immensely about to enter the work post: I must actively adapt to the working environment, be firm in a hard-working heart, and insist on improving myself. Only if my ability and experience can stand out can I get the reward you expect; everyone None can be isolated in the society, we must learn to cooperate and learn to share.

Lu Zanyu, Huaiyin Institute of Technology (Hengli Branch) ——

Rich onboarding training content, safety knowledge, company culture, rules and regulations, etc., all help us accelerate the pace of growth. Chairman Yin said: The ideal is rich, but the construction site is very skinny. This reminded our newcomer. The hard work on the construction site will not obliterate my enthusiasm. I will try my best to become an excellent employee who can meet the development needs of the company.

Shen Xiaofeng, Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University (Jingang Branch) ——

Training officially started in Chairman Yin's speech. He said like an elder, slowly and warmly flowed into our hearts. The company leaders also shared their work experience with us and offered sincere suggestions to us. Although the training time is short, it is impressive.

Hong Wang, Guangling College of Yangzhou University (Hengli Branch) ——

Chairman Yin's speech was brilliant and true. When he felt that he was approachable, he felt his good intentions. The four points he put forward "as soon as possible" are the expectations of our newcomers and the goals we strive for. Director Lu's account of corporate culture has strengthened my determination to take root in Qi'an. I am willing to struggle in Qi'an and grow into an excellent Qi'an person.

Peng Chongchong, Yangzhou University (Nine Branch) ——

The deepest feeling of on-the-job training: The future lifestyle will be very different from the school. In addition to changing your life and rest, you must also change your mindset. The leaders shared many stories of their struggles. For the construction industry, safety is the top priority. In my future work, I must always maintain a rigorous attitude and avoid the slightest mistakes. We also have to learn the chairman's habit of taking notes for decades.

Gu Haifeng, Jilin University of Architecture (Maosheng Branch) ——

One day's induction training kicked off the beginning of our career. The company leader's speech gave me a deep understanding of the company's glorious history and bright prospects, and made us eager to integrate into the company's development. Now that I have ended my student days and stepped into this competitive society, whether it is crying or laughing, I must go on.

感悟入职 放飞青春

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