Several points for attention in the management of labor sub contract

Labor subcontracting is an important part of the general contracting project, and the management of labor subcontracting work directly affects the quality, progress and credit of the unit. Therefore, we should carry out effective management in all aspects of labor subcontracting, including contract management, so as to make the quality and progress of the project meet the requirements, and to ensure the safety, quality and punctuality of the project.
The so-called subcontracting of labor services refers to the activities carried out by the construction general contracting enterprise or the professional contracting enterprise to package the labor operations in the contracted projects to the labor subcontractors. The construction general contract enterprise or the professional contracting enterprise is in the bidding project more. Under the condition of large amount of project, its own human resources can not meet the construction needs. Although it can take the social recruitment of migrant workers to make up for the shortage of manpower, the new recruits will also bring the risks to the enterprises, and will also increase the training and participation. Even after training, the new recruits have no obvious effect in a short time, and their construction experience and business skills are still unable to compare with the workers who have a long-term similar construction experience subcontracting team. Therefore, a reasonable labor service subcontract can make up for a short time, with a strong professional skill and a labor subcontract mode of "coming and swinging". It has the advantage of minimizing the cost of people, maximizing the profit of the economy, transferring the risk responsibility, and can give full play to the coordination and supervision of the contractor and the labor subcontractor on the construction of the project. The common role of the co management. Therefore, in the labor sub contract management, there are two aspects of work worthy of attention.
First, conscientiously do a good job in signing labor contracts.
1, in the selection of subcontracting teams to do a good job of the due diligence, with good reputation, good faith, with the staff of the certificate, the best is the formation of a team, the selection of a good subcontractor is the key to the safety, quality and punctual completion of the project.
2. Strictly prohibit signing a written subcontract or agreement or an agreement in the form of oral form, only working to grab progress, forming a factual contract relationship, or putting some sensitive economic clauses in the project to the end of the project, making the contract negotiation in a very passive state, which can not reach the preterm subcontract purposes and thus cause both sides to tear up. And there is an economic dispute.
3. Strictly prohibit the form, clause and examination procedure of subcontract, and there are a lot of arbitrariness in the contract, such as time limit, quality, safety, acceptance and settlement, liability for breach of contract, etc. one or more omissions or words are vague, which causes the subcontract to be difficult to carry out smoothly and will inevitably affect the total contract. Normal performance.
4, the general contracting unit should not blindly pursue the reduction of the subcontracting price, and leave a reasonable profit to the sub contractors, so as to effectively guarantee the enthusiasm of their work.
5, it is necessary to link the relevant changes in the contract of the general package and the terms of settlement, time, standard and method, and to dissolve and decompose the corresponding risk of the contract in the subcontract. It is clear that the construction period, quality, safety, acceptance and settlement, liability for breach of contract, and so on. If the contract is in dispute with the subcontractor, the Contractor shall investigate the liability for civil breach of contract according to the contract.
6. In subcontracting contracts or agreements, the contents, scope, price and settlement methods, quality and technical requirements, duration, responsibilities and obligations of the two parties as well as the standards for final acceptance are clearly defined in the subcontract or agreement.
7. The site Project Department of the total package unit also needs to manage the construction process of the subpackage project. The management of construction coordination, labor employment, quality supervision, safety inspection and sub evaluation should be clearly defined in the subcontract or agreement. It is also necessary to clarify the principles and methods of dispute settlement in the sub contract or agreement.
In a word, no matter how the labor subcontractor and the general contract are related to the general contract, neither the written subcontract or the agreement can be replaced with an oral agreement. The Contractor shall sign a clear subcontract or agreement with the subcontractor, and use the terms of the contract to restrain both parties to perform the responsibility, and must be signed in time.
Second, earnestly strengthen the management of labor subcontracting teams in construction.
1, the subcontractor team is an important role in the completion of the project, the general contractor should be treated as its own team, support services from all aspects of personnel management, technical support, logistics support, and so on to ensure the smooth development of their work.
2, the subcontracting team must strictly enforce the contract and strictly avoid the package management. Good management of labor sub contracting team, a sound system, two rely on the bottom of the heart selfless. The managers of the general contractor should improve their own quality. They should not be selfish in the process of cooperation with the subcontractors. They should do things impartially and do their best to help them dissolve the difficulties, and eliminate the bad behaviors such as intentional diathesis, eating, holding and card.
3. First, we examine and approve the construction scheme of subcontracting project compiled by labor subcontractors, which must meet the requirements of design drawings, drawings and subcontracts, and also meet the requirements of the construction organization design, technical standards and laws and regulations of the general contractor.
4. The actual entry personnel, construction equipment and equipment for subcontracting teams are particularly important to prevent subcontracting projects from being subcontracted, and to verify the actual incoming personnel and construction equipment. On the basis of the construction scheme of subcontracting units, check whether the construction personnel of the actual entry and the configuration of the construction equipment are consistent. If the discovery is not consistent, it is required to rectify or make the necessary explanation.
5, the actual entry personnel of the subcontracting teams should pay attention to the construction technology ability and personnel quality through the way of doing the example project first. whole

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