Several points for attention in construction management of special equipment

1. Commencement notification and completion data management
(1) the provisions on administrative licensing in the special equipment safety act
1, twenty-third the installation, transformation and repair of special equipment should be written to the Department of the Municipal People's Government of the municipality directly under the central government or the municipal level of the district in charge of the safety supervision and management of special equipment before the construction.
2, after the installation, transformation and repair of special equipment are completed, the construction units of installation, transformation and repair shall transfer the relevant technical information and documents to the use of special equipment within thirty days after the acceptance. The use unit of special equipment shall deposit it in the safety technical file of the special equipment.
3 and seventy-fourth, in violation of the provisions of this law, do not engage in the production of special equipment (including design, manufacture, installation, transformation and repair) without permission, order to stop production, confiscate special equipment for illegal manufacture, and impose a fine of less than one hundred thousand yuan and five hundred thousand yuan, and confiscate illegal income; and it is already true Those who install, transform or repair shall be ordered to restore the original status or ordered to be re installed, reconstructed or repaired within the time limit.
4 and Seventy-eighth in violation of the provisions of this law, the construction units of the installation, transformation and repair of special equipment have not written before the construction of the departments responsible for the safety supervision and management of special equipment, or have not transferred the relevant technical materials and documents to the units of the special type equipment within thirty days after the acceptance, and ordered the time limit to be changed. In the case of overdue corrections, a fine of more than ten thousand yuan and one hundred thousand yuan shall be imposed.
5 and seventy-ninth, in violation of the provisions of this law, the manufacture, installation, transformation, major repairs and boiler cleaning procedures of special equipment are ordered to be corrected without supervision and inspection; a fine of less than fifty thousand yuan and more than two hundred thousand yuan has not been corrected while the overdue is not corrected; the illegal income is confiscated, and the circumstances are serious, hanging. Sell the production license.
(two) Regulations on technical data
1. After the installation, reconstruction and repair of the twenty-fourth special equipment of the special equipment safety law are completed, the construction units of installation, reconstruction and repair shall transfer the relevant technical information and documents to the use of the special equipment within thirty days after the acceptance.
2. The group [2017]6 document stipulates the requirements, contents and delivery time of the documents for the completion of the special equipment. It is hoped that the project department will arrange the completed documents according to the document catalogue of the special equipment completed, and send it to the engineering department in time.
3. According to TSG Z0004-2007 "special equipment manufacturing, installation, transformation, maintenance quality assurance system basic requirements", TSG Z0005-2007 "special equipment manufacturing, installation, transformation, maintenance licensing appraisal rules and regulations" and other related documents requirements, the group company set up a special equipment quality assurance system, set up a warranty manual, Cheng Xuwen Parts, work instructions, record forms and other system files (see OA system knowledge map), and approved by special equipment appraisal and accreditation bodies qualified.
4. In order to ensure the normal operation of the quality assurance system of the special equipment of the group, the construction project should use the record form provided by the company to form a complete construction material. When the project department has signed the inspection agreement with the inspection department, the inspection department will require a list of relevant information catalogues, which usually does not require the use of the records form of the inspection department. When the inspection department disagrees with the record form of the company, it is well explained on the one hand, and the relevant information is also fed to the Group Engineering Department to improve the record form according to the requirements of the standard.
Two. On the installation of fixed pressure vessel
(1) the provisions of the installation permit
According to the provisions of Chapter 1, chapter fourth of the TSG R3001-2006 of the "pressure vessel installation, renovation and maintenance licensing rules":
The unit that has obtained the qualification of GC1 grade pressure pipeline installation license, or the unit with 2 levels (including 2 levels) may be qualified for the installation of pressure vessel in the 1 level licensing qualification (1 level license allowed for pressure vessel installation, renovation and maintenance), and does not require the qualification of the installation of the pressure vessel.
The group has obtained the GC1 pressure pipeline installation permit, which can be engaged in all types of pressure vessel installation work, but can not undertake the transformation and maintenance of pressure vessels.
(two) information on installation of pressure vessels in pressure vessels and skid mounted installations in refrigeration installations
A complete set of equipment, such as the refrigeration device and the crowbar assembly, is composed of a variety of equipment and components. The manufacturer carries out a holistic collection, and the device itself does not produce a inspection report. However, these units may contain pressure vessels, so it is easy to ignore the notification procedure during installation.
When a set of equipment, such as a refrigeration device or a crowbar installation, is entered, the random data should be carefully examined to determine whether there is a pressure vessel in the constituent equipment (inspection report on manufacturing inspection), and the procedures for installation and notification should be handled in time.
(three) installation inspection
According to the TSG 21-2016 "Safety Technical Supervision Regulations of fixed pressure vessel", article 6.1.1 stipulates that the installation of pressure vessels does not implement inspection, but the construction records, equipment materials and so on are required to be submitted to the construction units, and the related construction records are filed with the company.
Three. Regionalization management of commencement of notification
As stipulated in document [2017]6 of the group company.
Four, assessment management
Every year, the group company examines the archiving situation of the special equipment construction project of the branch company. The progress and archiving of special equipment construction projects are carried out in June and December each year by the engineering department.

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