Unforgettable support for Xinjiang Interview with Zhang Weiming, deputy director of the county Foundation Construction Bureau and director of the Xinjiang Office (I would like to commemorate the construction of Qidong Yuanjiang 40th anniversary). Provinci

  Zhang Weiming, 77, was the deputy director of the Qidong Capital Construction Bureau and director of the Xinjiang office. In the 1980s, he led Qidong Architectural Militia to Xinjiang for seven years (1980-1983; 1986-1988) and engaged in construction assistance.
In the afternoon of July 27th this year, we interviewed the old leader of the construction industry in Qidong. Zhang Lao is hearty, quick witted and has a clear memory. Many of its past events are moving, people feel the lofty and precious of Qidong people in history, touch the root of today's Qidong architecture growth and development.
The county Party Committee attaches great importance to the work of helping Xinjiang
Counterpart aid construction is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee. The county Party committee and the county government attach great importance to it. Zhang Weiming recalled that in 1979, the CPC Central Committee specially issued a document No. 52. In that year, Qidong organized more than 1,500 people from nine commune construction stations, such as Huiping, and county construction companies to go to Karamay, Xinjiang. In order to improve the quality of construction, the next year, the county appointed Cui Junchang, Qian Jiexing and other leaders of the Infrastructure Bureau as the party and government leaders of the Corps, leading 2,400 people to Xinjiang, the office is located in the second guesthouse of Karamay City. The county government of the CPC Central Committee and the county government have implemented strict political examination on all cadres in Xinjiang, demanding high policy level and strong professional ability. I was selected as secretary and deputy director because I had worked in Gansu Province and was the technical backbone of the Seventh Central Construction Bureau Company. Qidong is a famous town in the whole country. There are many folk craftsmen, and the masses support it very much. However, we still take "should know" and "should meet" examinations for all aid workers in Xinjiang so as to be qualified for employment and strictly control the proportion of technical assistants. In addition, the county Party committee sends a deputy county magistrate to Xinjiang every year to give condolences, which is very exciting and glorious.
The train lasted 72 hours.
From the Yangtze River Estuary Qidong to the remote Xinjiang, thousands of kilometers. At that time, the traffic was not very developed. Communes will first aid workers and baggage, with rickshaws or tractors uniformly sent to the county town of Huilong, and then we arranged for the batch concentration into Xinjiang. People usually travel by train from Nanjing. Every year, the scenes in which wives send husbands, mothers send sons and cadres to the masses are very touching. The two sides exhort each other and cherish farewell. At that time, there were many people in Yuanjiang. Many people have no seat tickets and can only squeeze in the compartment. A Comrade named Shi Jinyuan stood from Nanjing to Xinjiang for 72 hours. His feet were swollen. On the way, the workers were trapped in the carriages by crowds, or sitting or lying or standing; when they were hungry, they took out the fried noodles and other dry food to satisfy their hunger. We can imagine the hardship of Yuanjiang's journey.
Loudly put forward the slogan of "three years"
Karamay is an oil city, and it is also our key object of assistance. Our infrastructure is heavy and time is tight. By 1984, our aid team had expanded further. At its peak, more than 5,000 people had set up four offices in Urumqi, Karamay, Tacheng and East Xinjiang. Our Qidong construction team is worthy of a hard-fought construction iron army, loudly put forward the slogan of "three years ago" that "construction started, completed and put into production that year". This slogan suddenly shook Karamay and inspired the entire Jiangsu Yuanjiang contingent. In 1980, we proposed a socialist labor competition centered on the project of excellence in perfection. In that year, 56 projects of excellence were created, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters. In 1983, we won the red flag for all our projects and were called the "All-around Champion" by the Petroleum Administration; in 1984, we launched the "Trustworthy Engineering Team" campaign and won eight high-quality engineering medals. Wang Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, inspected the Qidong construction site specially and gave a high appraisal on the quality and speed of our construction.
Workers lie in snow and ice.
Karamay was surrounded by endless, full of Gobi wilderness, the city in addition to the staff and workers of the General Hospital, Xinhua Bookstore and Post and Telecommunications Office, and other decent buildings, all of the earth wall bungalows. At the beginning of the business, everything was very difficult. All the cadres and workers slept on the ground floor, lived in tents, and had food and shelter. But the hardworking spirit of Qidong's Xinjiang workers in Karamay is famous, especially in Xinjiang. In this regard, I can not tell you any touching examples. Let me just give you a few examples.
On New Year's day in 1986, Karamay was extremely cold. A sewer of the Petroleum Bureau was frozen. Two Qidong workers, one surname Mao and one surname Gong, unfortunately forgot their names and even fell in the ice and snow to weld and repair; another year in the burning mountain, our Secretary Lu Yunfan, desperate to hold the welder, with his chest to withstand the howling cold wind and snowflakes, warm welding worker's stiff body. The scene was forever frozen in my memory, as if in front of me.
At that time, in order to rush the construction period and realize the "three years", overtime was a common occurrence, and workers never cried out tired. Once, in order to catch up with the "ceiling", a construction squad leader named Gong Zhihui, unexpectedly three days and three nights did not close his eyes, continuous fighting in the project site. That Gong Zhihui, some ears "back", the workers nicknamed "Gong Zhihui deaf", but he "ear vest red" and a strong sense of responsibility. Afterwards, someone asked him, "what are you capable of doing three days, three eyes?" He answered in a simple and honest way: I was so preoccupied with the idea of completing the project within a limited time limit that I forgot the light and sleeping.

Qidong has the best installation technology.
Now, Qian'an, Jiangsu Province, is the predecessor of our Qidong Infrastructure Bureau under a more than 60 people's hydropower installation team and construction company oil tank installation team, mainly responsible for the installation of water, heating and other hydropower equipment. This team not only has the spirit of diligence, but also is eager to learn, the technical level, installation capacity in the process of aid construction has been constantly improved, can be engaged in oil tanks, refineries and other major industrial equipment installation, which today Jiangsu Qian has become the installation industry leader enterprises, continue to open up a new world in Xinjiang has laid a historical foundation .
Karamay Fiberboard Factory is the first industrial installation project we took over in August 1985, and also the first timber processing project in Xinjiang. It is of great significance. Our installers overcame all kinds of difficulties and succeeded in the installation of this 2000-ton automatic fiberboard assembly equipment in December of the second year. When the first fiberboard went out of the factory, the whole Karamay fiberboard city was stirred up.
Xinjiang Dushanzi Refinery is one of the oldest and most famous refineries in China. At that time, the annual processing capacity of crude oil was only 1.5 million tons. In order to improve the processing capacity and to support the 140,000 tons of ethylene project being launched, it is urgent to install "two sets of atmospheric and vacuum tower 4 project" core equipment. Faced with such complex equipment and tight schedule, several installation units are afraid to retreat. When the refinery leader asked us for advice, we measured our technical quality and installed equipment, boldly accepted the task. To this end, a special installation and construction team of more than 20 people headed by Comrades Zhou Rong and Gu Jianxin was set up. From May 1, the team worked hard and skillfully for 100 days against the high temperature. As a result, the installation task was completed ahead of schedule. Since then, leaders at all levels in Xinjiang have been impressed by Qidong's aid to the Xinjiang Group and our installation level.
After that, we began to advance into the refinery with excellent technology, undertaking the pressure vessel workshop, atmospheric and vacuum towers, 25 tons of lubricating oil plant, catalytic reforming gasoline hydrogenation plant, and the third atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit with an annual output of 2.5 million tons of vacuum tower, vacuum furnace and supporting facilities, and the Karamay chemical process equipment. A large number of major national oil refining industrial equipment installation, such as ready-to-install, which is a small number of Jiangsu aid team, composes a brilliant Qidong aid to Xinjiang. The current general manager of Qian'an, Lu Fei, and many comrades have participated in the construction of many of these projects. They are both the parties and personals.

Unforgettable support for Xinjiang Interview with Zhang Weiming, deputy director of the county Foundation Construction Bureau and director of the Xinjiang Office (I would like to commemorate the construction of Qidong Yuanjiang 40th anniversary). Provinci

Unforgettable support for Xinjiang Interview with Zhang Weiming, deputy director of the county Foundation Construction Bureau and director of the Xinjiang Office (I would like to commemorate the construction of Qidong Yuanjiang 40th anniversary). Provinci

Unforgettable support for Xinjiang Interview with Zhang Weiming, deputy director of the county Foundation Construction Bureau and director of the Xinjiang Office (I would like to commemorate the construction of Qidong Yuanjiang 40th anniversary). Provinci

Unforgettable support for Xinjiang Interview with Zhang Weiming, deputy director of the county Foundation Construction Bureau and director of the Xinjiang Office (I would like to commemorate the construction of Qidong Yuanjiang 40th anniversary). Provinci

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The group company held a number of line meetings to make a good start and a good start for the whole year's work.

On the afternoon of February 25, the group held a mobilization meeting for regional companies at the beginning of the year. Chairman Yin Weidong took the time to attend the meeting and made a speech. He put forward three requirements for regional work in the new year. One is to correctly judge and understand the external situation, accurately understand and grasp the company's situation, and provide important ideological guarantees for good work; The second is to make it clear that resolving stock risks and preventing new risks are the two key tasks of the year, and to formulate measures around the two tasks and implement them well; the third is to get to work as soon as possible after the holiday, and widely publicize the spirit of the third and sixth general meetings of shareholders and the latest industry policies, so as to gather more positive energy for the group's dangerous picture and progress. The chairman stressed that regional personnel should go deep into the front line of construction to understand the resumption of the project at the first time, predict possible problems, determine corresponding solutions and measures, and at the same time keep in mind "loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility". Continue to strengthen the construction of work style and constantly improve the service level. At the meeting, General Manager Zhang Jian made specific arrangements on how to implement the spirit of the report made by the chairman at the sixth general meeting of shareholders to 2024, and the participants conducted interactive exchanges on their respective regional work.

The six shareholders' meetings of the three sessions of the Group and the working meeting at the beginning of the year were successfully held.

People are diligent and spring comes early. It is the right time to move forward. On February 23, the sixth shareholders' meeting of the group company and the working meeting at the beginning of the year were successfully held in the conference hall on the 4th floor of Qi'an building. more than 160 people attended the meeting, including shareholders, group headquarters, regional companies, all personnel of directly affiliated units and heads of branches. The meeting was presided over by general manager Zhang Jian.

Qidong City Construction Industry Work Conference Held

On the morning of February 20, the city's construction industry work conference was held ceremoniously in the municipal party education center. Yang Zhongjian, secretary of Qidong Municipal Committee, made an important speech. Wang Kailiang, party secretary and director of Nantong Housing and Construction Bureau, and city leaders Cai Yi, Gu Yunfeng, Shao Maohua, Gao Guangjun, Pan Shuanglin, Chen Hongfei and Zhang Hairong attended the event. The company's winners and representatives attended the meeting.

The 6th Youth League Congress of the Group Company Held Successfully

On the afternoon of February 19, the sixth Congress of the Committee of the Communist Youth League Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the academic center on the fourth floor of the company. Wu Qimeng, secretary of the Qidong Municipal CPC Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Yin Weidong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, were invited to attend the event, which was attended by 22 members from the League branches of various branches.

The group company was continuously awarded the "Gold Medal Enterprise" and "Top 20 Taxpayers" in Qidong City. Yin Weidong, the honorary chairman, was awarded the "Gold Medal Entrepreneur"

On the afternoon of February 8, Qidong municipal Party committee and municipal government held a grand 2023 comprehensive commendation meeting in the municipal party education center. Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. once again won the honors of "gold medal enterprise" and "top 20 tax paying enterprises". Yin Weidong, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, was once again awarded the title of "gold medal entrepreneur" and was invited to attend the meeting to receive the award. At the meeting, Yang Zhongjian, secretary of the Qidong Municipal CPC Committee, made an important speech, mobilizing the whole city to deeply draw on the strength of struggle, compete for development and win the first place in a more high-spirited state, and constantly gather a strong joint force to promote the new practice of Chinese-style modernization in Qidong. The group company also won the title of "the most caring donation enterprise", and Gong Shancong, vice president of the group, was rated as "the most caring individual". (Office)

The Group Company Held a Ceremoniously 2023 Comprehensive Recognition and 2024 Spring Festival Greeting Meeting

Long Teng Rui Qi Ying Qi An, Feng Wu Xiang Yun Zhao Guo Rui. On February 5 (December 26 of the lunar calendar), the group company held a grand 2023 comprehensive commendation and spring festival party in qidong guorui haosheng hotel. Yin Weidong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, delivered a speech, Lu Fei, general manager, read out the commendation decision, and Huang Haojie, director of Qidong Housing and Construction Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Nearly 400 people including all staff of the group headquarters, regional companies, and directly affiliated units, heads and related personnel of each branch, and all commended objects participated in the event.