Group Profile

The spring tide surges up in the east, sharpening and forging ahead. Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd., founded in the 1950s, is located in Qidong City, the famous "hometown of architecture". Since 2009, it has been awarded the first place in the installation category of the top 100 enterprises in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province for 12 consecutive years, and has been rated as the excellent enterprise in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province and the "typical enterprise of integrity" in the country for consecutive years.

The Group has the national Grade I general contracting qualification for mechanical and electrical engineering, construction, petrochemical engineering, municipal public engineering construction, Grade I professional contracting qualification for steel structure, mechanical and electrical engineering, decoration and fire protection, and Grade II professional contracting qualification for foundation, electronic and intelligent engineering. It has a number of special work permits, such as the installation (repair, test) of power facilities, pressure pipeline GC1/GB2 (2), boiler installation level 3, lifting machinery installation and maintenance level C. It has passed IS09001, IS014001, IS045001 quality, environment, occupational health and safety assurance system and GB/T50430 certification. It integrates scientific research, design, construction and investment. It has more than 40 branches and eight regional companies, and its construction areas are all over the world.

The Group adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, standardization and innovation", and founds professional brands in the spirit of craftsman, enjoying a good reputation both inside and outside the industry. It has formed brand advantages in many aspects such as electromechanical, petrochemical, foreign-funded projects, medical and electronic purification fields, and photovoltaic power station construction. It has undertaken or participated in the construction of a large number of projects such as the National Grand Theater, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai International Conference Center, World Expo Germany Pavilion, and has undertaken the construction of mechanical and electrical installation projects such as Novartis, Shell, Bosch, Sasso, General Motors, Caterpillar, ABB, PPG, and Jiangyin Hailan Wealth Center Mechanical and electrical installation works of public buildings such as Chongqing International Expo Center, Shanghai Youyou Century Plaza, Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel, Hongqiao Hub, Xinjiang High-end Talent Building, etc; It has undertaken petrochemical, wharf engineering and industrial tourism projects such as Zhangjiagang Changjiang International, Zhejiang Aoshan National Strategic Reserve Oil Tank, Changzhou Langsheng, Xinjiang Dushanzi, Fubao, Tangshan LNG, Sinopec (Hong Kong) Yangpu Product Oil Depot, Emeishan Whisky, etc. In addition, a series of public and civil buildings have been constructed, such as the Beijing Urban Sub-center, Wuhan Laopu District, Nantong Normal University, Hebei Xianghe, Wuxi Lihu Cinnamomum Garden, Shanghai Tobacco Pudong Science and Technology Innovation Park, Urumqi High-speed Railway Hospital, and Tibet Lhasa Convenience Service Center.   Since the "12th Five-Year Plan", we have jointly created more than 100 high-quality projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, including "Luban Award" and "National Excellent Award".

The Group pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, follows the tide of building modernization, and has competitive advantages in BIM design, intelligent construction, factory prefabrication, foreign medicine, purification, pipeline welding, airport baggage sorting and other fields. There are more than 460 first-class and second-class constructors, nearly 100 senior engineers, more than 200 senior technicians, and many skilled craftsmen, model worker, and May Day labor medal winners. It took the lead in establishing BIM company in the industry, establishing the provincial construction enterprise technology center, and winning a large number of national utility model patents, QC, construction method achievements and national level scientific and technological progress awards.

The group adheres to the leadership of the party building, the culture of people, the political ideals of the firm, the lofty purpose of civilization construction, and the strict management of the enterprise. It takes the initiative to assume social responsibility, develops and does not forget to give back to its home country. It has repeatedly won the local "civilized unit", "mayor's quality award" and "the most caring donation enterprise", and has formed a deep-rooted corporate culture and a well-known social reputation.

As time goes by, so does the mission. In the face of the new normal of China's economy and the new situation of the construction industry, Jiangsu Qi'an will not forget its original intention, keep in mind its mission, adhere to the corporate mission of "building a new world, helping the Chinese dream", continue to carry forward the corporate spirit of "advocating individuality, harmony with the team, adhering to tradition, advocating innovation", adhere to the new development concept, adhere to the high-quality goal, and sincerely "go hand in hand" with friends from all walks of life, cooperate for win-win results, and create more brilliance!