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Jiangsu Qi'an in Tibet

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Jiangsu Qi'an in Tibet

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Five years of forging ahead--Jiangsu Jiangsu in Tibet

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In 2012, the senior management of the group made a decisive decision: to get involved in Tibetan architecture! After five years of hard work, Jiangsu Qi'an not only established a foothold in the snow, but also launched a brand in the plateau, won a reputation, and became a resounding building in Tibet. The Iron Army, especially in the field of construction and assembly, has become a leading enterprise in Tibet, and has contributed to the social and economic development of the plateau and national defense. It is highly praised by the leaders of the Party, Government and Army of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the Tibetan people.

The output value of the group's construction in Tibet has risen year after year, and it has been advancing along the way. From 80 million in 2012, 210 million in 2013, 230 million in 2014, 270 million in 2015, and more than 400 million in 2016, the first five-year goal was perfectly achieved. This year, Qi'an's construction output value in Tibet is expected to exceed 600 million yuan.

September 16, this year, Mayor Huang Weifeng of Qidong City and his party, accompanied by the group chairman Yin Weidong, made a special inspection of the Qi'an project in Tibet and highly affirmed the contribution of Jiangsu Qi'an in Tibet. From October 24-28, Qidong local mainstream media Qidong Radio and Television and the Group News Highlight Reporting Group made a special trip to Tibet to visit the group ’s bases and construction projects in Tibet, interview front-line employees, modern assembly plants, and comprehensively report on Jiangsu Qi Ann's five-year history of struggling on the snowy plateau and the iron army style leading the Tibetan plateau construction industry.

Warmhearted Tibet

From that year, he flew alone to the plateau, started from scratch, and now his career is booming, booming. Looking back on his five years of struggle in Tibet, Shen Yan, deputy general manager of the group company and person in charge of Tibet, was filled with emotion.

"I love the blue sky and white clouds of Tibet, and I love the people of Tibet more. The Tibetans are honest and kind, they have a long-term belief, they have lived in Tibet for a long time, I feel that there is a good atmosphere for doing things here, and I have a passion for entrepreneurship in my chest. Construction company. I feel like I have become a Tibetan! "

Tibet Shangri-La Hotel. Shen Yan, in a suit and leather suit, was sitting outside the lobby and was interviewed by mainstream media in his hometown. He talked about his five-year entrepreneurial journey in Tibet and the difficult starting point for establishing a foothold in Tibet.

On July 28, 2012, the heating and gas supply headquarters of Lhasa made a decision to list Qi'an as the general contractor for heating and renovation, and requested to take the lead in implementing the "model room" installation, and issued 15 days to complete the Leyeyuan Community 432 "Warrant" for household heating tasks. With the support of Song Chun, a senior executive of the group and the person in charge of Jinshun, Shen Yan immediately sought land for rent, condemned personnel, arranged materials, and immediately organized the construction of the force. The task was achieved 3 days in advance; and it was successfully completed in only 3 months. The heating renovation of 17 residential quarters and 3 public construction sites in Lhasa City accounted for 45% of the heating renovation project in Lhasa. Regardless of management, progress, safety, quality, market share, and civilized construction, Qi'an is far in the forefront of 21 construction companies that have entered Tibet, and has established Jiangsu Kai'an's honest image of "drawing and hitting". , Won the full trust of the heating and gas supply headquarters.

Since then, Jiangsu Qi'an has established a foothold in Tibet.

Chengguan speed

"Grandson Nine Earths" cloud: "The land where the casts die and then survive, and the land where they die and then live." This way of art of warfare was born in the Qi'an Tibet.

On July 10, 2015, the government of Chengguan District of Lhasa City made a decision: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region, it is planned to build an ultra-large modern agricultural greenhouse equivalent to 36 acres within one month. The completion of this project in just 30 days is obviously an unattainable thing. But the Qi'an people did not hesitate to promise to build.

The 30-day construction day made Shen Yan unforgettable all his life. Because this project is related to whether Qi'an can gain a foothold in Tibet.

Fight against the water and survive here. The Qi'an people, with their tenacious will, superman's spirit and fighting spirit, overcame all kinds of difficulties that ordinary people can't imagine, and even completed this Daqing project on schedule.

In the five years of entering Tibet, Qi'an accepted more than just this kind of greenhouse project. Shen Yan said that in the past five years, Jiangsu Qi’an has created many of the best buildings in Tibet:

Won the highest building at 4500 meters above sea level-Naqu project; completed the targeted poverty alleviation project in the fastest speed of 3 months; used the most advanced assembly technology to build the Dulong ecological plateau relocation project; won the largest with strength and brand The bidding section of the Lhasa Convenience Center with a project of 430 million yuan; the first modern assembly plant was built in Tibet with technology .......

Count these achievements, and fill the face of Qi Shenyan with determination.

Later, the leaders of the Tibet Autonomous Region summed up the 50th anniversary celebration of the autonomous region, and praised the construction quality of Qi'an, Jiangsu as the "city pass speed"!

Shen Yan shed tears for this!

Now, once again walking into this modern greenhouse, witnessing all kinds of plants with green branches and green leaves, referring to the most difficult project since entering Tibet, Shen Yan has wet eyes and tears once again.

Jiangsu Jiangsu's career in Tibet is entirely based on hard work.

Technology Aga

"Take Aga" is a traditional Tibetan construction method, which is to use the local unique "Aga soil" (mixed soil and gravel) to spread on the ground or roof, and then repeatedly rammed to make it smooth and flat. Tibetans who are able to sing and dance will compose "beat Aga" into beautiful dances, and sing and sing songs from generation to generation.

Nowadays, this kind of traditional "beating aga" has been inserted into the wings of science and technology by the Qi'an people. Qi'an, Jiangsu has built a modern assembly plant and scientific research base on the Tibet Plateau, deducing the traditional "Daga" into a new type of building material, leading the construction of the snowy plateau.

In the morning of September 25, the interview team walked into the modern assembly workshop of energy-saving building materials in Lhasa City Investment, and the employees were busy on the assembly line. This is an assembly workshop cooperated by Qi'an and Lhasa City Investment. It is the first in China to introduce the world's most advanced continuous production integrated housing system and supporting energy-saving system technology to provide a comprehensive solution for prefabricated buildings. The current production capacity has reached 300 million .

The 24-year-old Tibetan youth worker Tsiza told us that this glass cutting machine imported from Italy has a high degree of automation. The output in just a few days can meet the demand for glass windows in a community.

Ascended to the horizon, aiming to lead. In 2016, Qi'an once again made a move in the field of prefabricated, established Tibet Construction Technology, and cooperated with the Tsinghua University Architectural Design Institute to develop a new type of building material, and rented a large workshop in the Lhasa High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Explore and process this new type of wall material and implement factory prefabrication, with an annual output capacity of 400,000 square meters.

Pointing at the wall template standing in the workshop, Shen Yan gave us a specific introduction: this wall is called SPC, which has the advantages of green, energy saving, environmental protection, and is wind and pressure resistant. It is suitable for the characteristics of Tibetan areas and can be implemented in factories. Prefabrication, the market prospect is huge. At present, more than 20 national utility model patents have been declared for this material and related technology.

seeing is believing. At the request of the interview team, the workshop leader He Tuanlin immediately organized several workers to trial-produce this new type of building wall panel specifically for our overtime work. In less than a quarter of an hour, a building facade was cast on site. According to estimates, this set of production equipment can produce 100 square meters of new wall panels in one hour, and a 150 square meter house can be built in one day.

According to Manager Qian Wei of Tibet Construction Technology: In July this year, they launched an industry-university-research collaboration with Shanghai Jiaotong University and planned to establish a Tibet assembly-type R & D center. At present, it has become a national pilot enterprise for the implementation of the integrated management system of "two industrializations" (industrialization and informatization). Qian Wei proudly declared that almost all of the pilot enterprises are state-owned enterprises and centrally-owned enterprises, and we are the only private enterprises in Tibet. On May 4 this year, they also participated in the China Seminar on Prefabricated Buildings, participated in the formulation of series standards for steel-filled walls, and listed the development plan for prefabricated buildings in Tibet.

The traditional Tibetan "beating the Aga" has the prospect of the Qi'an people's technological interpretation.

Shen Yan expressed with confidence that Qi'an's prefabricated buildings have begun to subvert the traditional buildings on the plateau. In the near future, Qi'an will definitely become a leading prefabricated building enterprise in Tibet!

People's Heart Project

Qizala is the chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the highest executive head in Tibet. On the afternoon of September 3 this year, he put down his busy business and made a special trip to the construction site of the high-altitude ecological function zone in Gurong Township, Dulongdeqing District, Lhasa City, where the construction site of Qi’an was inspected and guided.

Drive through the prosperous city of Lhasa and drive along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway 109 for dozens of miles. On the afternoon of September 24, the interview team came to the project that President Zizara paid attention to. But seeing the construction site against the backdrop of the mountain, there are excavators, bulldozers and steel bodies everywhere.

This is undoubtedly another masterpiece of Qi'an's implementation of prefabricated buildings in Tibet.

The Duilong project is a veritable "People's Heart Project" and "German Political Project", as well as Zizara's "Chairman Project". Because the centralized relocation and resettlement of Tibetans living at high altitudes is a decision made by the Tibet Autonomous Region in response to the requirements of the Party Central Committee for precise poverty alleviation.

The planned area of ​​this project alone is as high as 302 mu, of which 265 mu is in the first phase. Mainly build 111 households with 80 square meters, 245 persons in total, 49 households with 100 square meters, 196 persons, 73 households with 120 meters, 396 persons; 24 households with 150 square meters, 178 persons; 9 households with 180 square meters, 9 persons in total 87 people, supporting the construction of village committees and kindergartens.

Such a large-scale project, only 4 months of construction time. According to the person in charge of the project: Fortunately, Qi'an has assembled tools and experience, so the construction speed is fast and the quality is high, which can fully achieve the completion goal proposed by Chairman Zizara.

Zizara repeatedly told Shen Yan during the inspection: the project must be completed as scheduled. When the National Day is completed, three model buildings will be built first to organize the Tibetans to feel on the spot.

Shen Yan knows the weight of Qi Zara's orders and the political significance of ecological relocation for the well-being of Tibetans. As long as he has free time, he always has to go to the dragon farm to take a look. In Shen Yan ’s mind, the projects in Tibet are all “People ’s Heart Projects”, and are the “quality projects” dedicated to Tibet by Jiangsu Qi’an.

It is understood that there are currently as many as 14 construction projects in Qi’an in Tibet, involving Yadong, Yuyue, Moto, Caina, Dangxiong and many other Tibetan areas. Whether it is the resettlement project of ordinary Tibetans, or the high-end community of the Lhasa yard, whether it is the mobile board house of the border post, or the greenhouse of the modern agriculture, the Qi'an people regard them as the "people's heart project" and use the "artisan spirit" Create with care, effort, and emotion.

In the gap between Qushui interviews, we walked into the home of Tibetan Dolma. Brand new buildings and brand new furniture make this Tibetan woman's face even more crimson. Dolma said that his small building was built by Qi'an, Jiangsu.

"Tashi Dele, Jiangsu Qi'an!" Dolma expressed sincerely to us repeatedly.

Plateau spine

Stands the most beautiful building on the snowy plateau and engraves the love of the world in the hearts of the Tibetan people. Qi'an Ledang's corporate social responsibility image has been brilliantly shining across Tibet.

In Tibet, Jiangsu Qi'an is not only known for its "special ability to fight", "especially willing to endure hardship", and "especially credibility", but it is also known for its kindness and courage as the backbone of society.

In the past five years, Jiangsu Qi’an has selflessly donated millions of funds to the development of social undertakings in Tibet. There are many touching examples. In 2013, Qi'an donated a warming bar worth 500,000 yuan to Duodi Township, Lhasa City; in 2014, it donated more than 800,000 yuan to two middle schools in Lhasa City; in April 2015, it also donated money to help the Tibetan border post to carry out post-disaster reconstruction .. ... As for the small amount of donations and donations, the daily support for the elderly and the needy, and the care of orphans and out-of-school children, there are countless others. CCTV, Tibet TV and other mainstream media have given many publicity reports.

It is true that what embodies Jiangsu Qi’an ’s social responsibility and patriotic love for Xinjiang is the patriotic mission displayed by the Qi’an people at a critical moment in the motherland ’s crisis.

This year, there was a crisis of Donglang in China and India. At the time of the war, the clouds were overwhelming, and the fighting might break out.

On the first day, Shen Yan suddenly received an order from the relevant departments of the Tibet Military Region, requesting Jiangsu Qi'an to use his expertise to build several prefabricated houses as soon as possible for border defense construction. Military orders are like mountains, and national defense interests are above everything else. Under the coordination and command of Shen Yan, all Qi'an employees worked overtime throughout the night to complete the command of the military district commander on time with the fastest speed and the best quality. At the same time, Qi'an also made a decision to donate these new-type box houses worth more than one million yuan to the military area for free, effectively supporting the national defense construction in a timely and effective manner. The feat of the Qi’an motherland ’s interests above all else was commended by the Tibet Military Region.

Qi'an people say, if there is no country, how can there be a home? If there is no country, how can our enterprise do business in Tibet? It is the glory of Jiangsu Qi'an to make a little contribution to national defense construction!

In August this year, at the group's mid-year management work conference in Zhengzhou, when the chairman of the group, Yin Weidong, informed the participants of this feat of Qi'an in Tibet, there was a long round of applause!

On September 27, Zhou Chunlai, deputy director of the People ’s Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region, accepted an interview with Qidong TV Station. He commented: Jiangsu Qi’an is a responsible enterprise, dare to act, speak credibility, understand politics, and build Tibet, enrich the people, stabilize Tibet, The development of Tibet has made contributions, and the Tibetan people pay tribute to Jiangsu Qi'an!

Snowy Call Sign

Tibet is known as the "roof of the world", and the natural conditions are relatively harsh, and many people cannot adapt to the hypoxia environment on the plateau. Qi'an employees are the cutest people in the Tibet Plateau. Not only did they strive to adapt to the plateau, they also strived to create a masterpiece for the frontier with the spirit of the construction iron army.

Qu Weishui project safety officer Shen Weizhong has not returned home for more than a year. He laughed and said that he had just been in Tibet for more than ten days from the mainland, and he was dizzy all day long. At night, he always felt like someone was stuck in his throat, and it was extremely difficult to breathe. Many people are unbearable. The project department specially arranges medical staff to check us every day, measure blood pressure, and send oxygen. Now, I am used to life in Tibet. The sky in Tibet is always blue and blue, especially when it rains and the sky is clear, the snowy mountains and blue sky are like the fairyland described in "Journey to the West". I think working in Tibet can not only make more money for the family, but also feel that the work done is very meaningful and contributes to the construction of Tibet.

At 12:30 am on September 26, the interview team rushed to the site of the 100-mu multi-span greenhouse construction project in Qushui County, Lhasa. Wenxun Group Company and the hometown media came to interview. The Qi'an employees at the construction site were all happy and encouraged, and rushed to the door, consciously lining up to welcome them.

"Jiangsu Jiangsu builds a fine project, builds a beautiful Tibet, and salutes the 19th National Congress of the Party!".

Facing the camera, Qi'an employees couldn't help but feel proud, and the collective began to shake their arms and express their deep feelings for the company, Tibet and the party!

The loud call sign resounded through the clouds and echoed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for a long time.


Is like this. Once he has an ideal in his heart, he has the determination and perseverance to overcome all difficulties and pursue it.

Shen Yan said: In Tibet, our Qi’an people are "lack of oxygen and no lack of spirit" to overcome one difficulty after another and create one.

One glory after another relies on the strong leadership and scientific decision-making of the group company, on the love of Qi'an people for Tibet and the motherland! Qi'an has worked hard in Tibet for the past five years, and its foundation in the century-old foundation of Qi'an The long river is only a short-term foundation of five years, and the results are insignificant; greater glory is yet to come. In the next five years, Qi'an will be more productive in Tibet. The goal is to achieve a construction output value of 2 billion, and become a leading enterprise in Tibet's assembly field and a famous enterprise in the country!

Shen Yan introduced new materials in the assembly base

September 26, the interview team members and some Qi'an employees of the 100-mu joint greenhouse construction project in Qushui County, Lhasa took a group photo



The relocation and resettlement project of the high-altitude ecological function zone in Gurong Town, Dulongdeqing District, Lhasa City

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